Poem Seven: Super Powers

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Inspiration: Sometimes Fridays make us feel a greater sense of energy and hope knowing the weekend is here. Let’s have some fun rounding out our first week of poems with some super-inspired verses.

  • Write a poem about a superhero coming to your house and confronting you about something. Somewhere in the poem, state what YOUR superpower is.
  • If you could have any super power, what would it be and what would you do with it? Write a poem that captures you in a superpower moment.
  • Do you already have a “super” power? Tell us about it.
  • Do you have a favorite super hero? Tell us who and why.
  • Do you have a memory of watching a superhero cartoon or movie or comic? Tell us about it.
  • Do you have an opinion about superheros and why those movies seem to make so much money? Tell us.
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151 Replies to “Poem Seven: Super Powers”

  1. Power, what is it?
    Does it need to be super to be power?
    does getting through everything life throws at us count as super?
    because most people wouldn’t make it in this cruel world if we all didn’t have power.

  2. If I could have any power,
    it would be reading people’s mind
    I would chose this power because
    it would help me know what’s going on with others
    And it would help me help others when they need it

  3. People want power
    Not just to have them
    But so they can benefit from it
    I would want to be a hero from a movie
    I do however want to end pain
    End suffering
    And give people chances
    I believe thats a real hero

    1. The phrase “But so they could benefit from it” got me thinking about how the world is because I think people want power only to benefit themselves and not to help others as much/

  4. A Superhéroe
    Has so many great qualities

    They help defeat the evil
    Everyone love them

    I will love to be one
    There good heart
    Is the best power
    A superheroes can have

    A good heart
    Can do many things
    That’s the superpower I want to have

  5. if i had a super power i would chose speed because i could do things fast so i could help my mom so she wouldn’t be that tired and then we could still more time together.

  6. If i had to pick a power it wold be teleportation.
    i say this because you would have time for more things.

    i do know a super hero and its my mom she is
    the bravest and most intelligent of the all.

  7. my hero,my hero doesnt have any special powers,
    because my hero doesnt fight
    my hero doesnt have any wings
    because my hero doesnt fly.
    my hero is different from any other supercreatures.

    my hero is just and ordinary human being.
    my hero makes me smart
    my hero makes me a better person
    my hero makes me appreciate/know life,
    because my hero is my Mother.

  8. Super speed
    You could get anywhere in amatter of seconds to and fro
    you could win any race and be an inspiration
    and who doesn’t love free travel to any country.

  9. If I could have any super power it would be telekinesis because it kind of reminds me of the force from Star Wars.

  10. If I could have any 3 powers then they would be:

    1) Super Speed
    2) Heat/Cold resistant
    3) Indestructible
    4) Shape shifting body powers
    5) No physical feeling of pain

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  11. If I could have any super power it would be
    I could disappear in awkward moments
    Trick people
    I think it could be fun

    1. I really liked how you picked this super power and I agree with the line “I could disappear in awkward moments” that would come in really handy.

  12. If I can have any super it would be
    super speed
    I can get to places with in a dashh
    I can do tings supers fast
    I get more time to do more things

  13. if I had a super power
    It would be
    The power of telekinesis
    because I could move stuff
    With my mind
    I would want this
    Because i wouldn’t have
    To get up anymore

  14. Superpowers
    Aren’t they amazing
    their powers can heal people
    and the power that I would like to have is the
    power to teleport
    I can travel anywhere for free
    And I might even have the power to bring my family
    with me also
    I can get to trouble and crimes quicker

  15. super powers
    if i could only have one super power it wouldn’t be the ability to fly
    or be invisible
    or super strength
    or even super speed
    in fact the super power i would want is one that some people might already posses
    it would be to be content with what i have
    to find the good things in a terrible situation
    to know what to say when people ask me for help
    to be optimistic about the future
    my super power would be to be happy

    1. I thought that when you said, “my super power would be to be happy,” it was a unique superpower because I would have never thought of that, and I just thought it was a very cool superpower that’s different from what people might think of when they hear superheros.

  16. A frown,
    why must suffering be constant?
    assignment, after assignment,
    where is the peace?
    why is it so distant?
    why can’t I have a break?
    if only,
    if only it could end,
    but it’s not like I have super powers

  17. Batman,
    Wonder Women,
    I can go on and on about these superheroes,
    Sure I do like them, but they aren’t my favorite,
    My favorite superhero is over powered,
    can kill anything or anyone in one punch,
    Trained three years to get his power,
    Though he wanted to be the strongest man in the world,
    He got what he wanted,
    No one can put up a challenge for him,
    He realized that being powerful is boring,
    And develops depression,
    He’s just a hero for fun,
    The one punch man..

    1. I can relate to when you say “sure I do like them, but they aren’t my favorite” because i think that no other superheroe is as cool as Saitama.

    2. I like how you didn’t pick any of the heroes that most people pick and instead chose one that’s not widely recognized as a superhero.

  18. I’ve never been a fan of superheros but if I had to pick my favorite it would be batman because he doesn’t get recognized as much as the others. He can teach you to be different and not go by what everyone else says to you.

    1. I like how you explained that you can “zoom away,” when your parents get mad at you. It was funny and I enjoyed that part of the poem

  19. Any superpower?
    I would choose flight, Who wouldn’t like to fly around?
    you would be the coolest person in the world
    flying not even having to use your legs at all
    free travel also.

  20. One super power
    Just one
    I would want it to be…
    The ability to fly
    I could just lift off and fly away
    Who needs a car to waste money on gas?
    Who needs to pay thousands of dollars to book a flight?
    I could just fly away to any place I desire

  21. if i had a super power
    it would probably be
    because i could go anywhere i want
    just by thinking it

  22. My superhero is my big brother,Mom,Dad.
    My big brother is my super hero for many of reasons
    He paid the fee for me to play football
    He made me mad but i would be laughing in the end because i know its just a joke
    My mom is also my super hero for helping me when i was little for putting food on the table just like my dad. she is the bestes hero i can ever have and she is still here helping me through problems buys stuff i need
    My dad is my super hero also because he was always honest with me
    me and have some ups and downs but he makes sure everything is okay
    he makes sure that im smiling and having one girlfriend that won’t betray me
    he knows whats best for me

  23. If I had super power
    It would be to disappear
    I could leave
    Wouldn’t ever be seen again
    No one would know
    I would be gone

  24. As I read graphic novels,
    I see my heroes jump out of every page
    To save the day once again.

    These superheroes that I have always loved
    That have become role models to me and many others,
    Will always be loved.
    These heroes let you believe that anything is possible,
    And that anything can happen to you.

  25. if i could have a superpower
    it would be…
    obviously i would control it
    steal anything i want
    pull pranks
    have fun
    and never
    get caught

  26. If I were to have a
    superpower it would be be to have
    and telepathy.
    what it would be like to
    chuck and move things with my mind.
    It would also be so fun to
    be able to read someones mind.
    I might be able to even alters someone opinion.

  27. if i could have a super power
    it would be all the powers that goku has
    i can turn super saiyan 1,2,3,4, god and super saiyan blue
    i can use instant transmission to teleport anywhere i want
    i can use his super attacks and his ultimate attacks like the dragon fist or the super Kamehameha
    i could also fly supper fast like i can go around the world in one day
    i can be super fast like i can catch a bullet

    1. Cool Louie! I am glad you found another place to write about your love of this game! Your shark Tank project was another cool piece that shows your love of it!

  28. If I could have a super power,
    It would be to teleport.
    I could travel the world,
    Without having to pay a penny.

    1. I can relate to when you said”without having to pay a penny” because I have 3 pounds of pennies in my purse and I never use them.

  29. Yes finally! I’ll be able to meet Nicolas Cage
    With my super powers, I can make him magically appear before me, any celebrity!
    I won’t need to see him merely performing on a stage!
    I do my signature jazz hands
    And before me appears none other than
    Nicolas Cage
    He looked around shocked and confused
    I just hand a microphone stand!
    Hah! My celebrity crush has finally appeared
    After all these years fangirling had become tiresome and wastes way too much energy
    But within an hour he sadly

  30. Super heroes?
    We get so caught up in all these imaginary people
    that when we come back to reality
    we see
    people In need of help
    lost hope
    fake smiles
    broken hearts
    and where is the superhero that we all need?
    the super heroes that everyone talks about?
    Their not here…
    Sometimes we need to let go of all the imaginary and fake people
    and focus on finding the super hero we need
    in order to live our lives and maybe for once
    feel special and loved
    But who will it be?
    who will be your superhero?

    1. WOW, I really love how you used the good everyone thinks of super hero biased and made a change in reality.

  31. I have a superhero
    I see her everyday

    She wakes up early for me
    And cares for me in every way

    She love kids
    And has six of her own

    She never fails to make me smile
    She’s very well known

    1. I like your use of metaphor, saying “I have a superhero”, meaning your mom(or someone else) is a superhero. It really gives the poem a kind, loving mood, in appreciation of your superhero.

  32. Mind reading
    I mean I guess
    Using it for what exactly
    Using it to see what people really think of me
    Yeah yeah
    I know
    It’s dumb
    But I would really like to know what YOU think about me
    Think about it

  33. If I could have a super power
    I would have super speed
    Would not be late
    Be super early for anything
    Oh wait i’m late

  34. if i could have any super power it would be the power of Flight and super strength I would focus on the small stuff help anyone and everyone I would save poor animals from extinction i would end world hunger i would solve global warming and help if your getting robbed consider me their if you need help on math Homework i am right behind you and always ready to help

  35. I would want my superhero power to be able to read people’s minds
    It would let me see how other people see me
    I would be able to understand what someone’s going through
    I would be able to help
    I would also have laughs

  36. I am a hero.
    I make people smile.
    I make people happy.
    I make people cherish what they have.
    I make people care for another.
    I make people’s life easier.

    I am a hero.
    Hand full of things I need to accomplish.
    Hand full of people who needs my help.
    Hand full of responsibility.
    Hand full of pain I hold back.
    Hand full of emotions I can’t let it out.

    I am a hero.
    I am a hero?
    I have a superpower to help people be happy.
    Does it help “me” to be happy?
    I’m love helping people,
    it makes me happy when they are happy.
    Am I really happy?
    I don’t care,
    as long as other people are happy.
    I am a hero -?

    1. Oooh Jane! Great poem- gave me the chills a little. Such mature thinking to worry so much about others, I hope you remember to be happy too!

  37. Spider man
    My favorite superhero
    He can be the most selfless self he can be because no one can see the good things he does
    He can hid behind the bad things
    He can run from the world but still stay close
    Spider man is my favorite hero because he’s the most human kind of super he can be

  38. if i a met a hero a man would walk into my house and black goo comes out of the wall and it creates a man and grabs me and takes me to the top of a building and leave me there and tells me do not be afraid so i jump he catches me and tells me you are right all ways have no fear by fearless


    if i could have any super power
    i would have the power of black goku
    i will use that power for good and evil
    i will be at nobody side
    i will fight the strongest hero or bad guy
    i will be the strongest in the universe
    the power of a sayian white the super sayian white
    if you don’t know dragon ball will you should watch dragon ball because it’s cool.
    that will be my power.

  40. One superpower I would want
    Is to read minds
    because I could say things
    that people had no chance to say

  41. If I could have any superpower, it would be telepathy.
    With this oh so mystical power I could make it summer by moving the sun.
    I could become invisible by moving rays of light.
    I could teleport by moving the entire universe except me.
    I could make water shoot out of my hands, or literally ride the wind.
    I could hunt for aliens, I could feed the world.
    But most importantly, I can get the TV remote without having to get up.

  42. If i could have any super power
    I would choose to be as fast as the flash
    I could run to school in a minute and could wake up late
    Also i could go anywhere i wanted.
    i can do a lot of things

  43. Fly
    Imagine if you could fly.
    You could go anywhere at anytime.
    You wouldn’t need the help of anyone either.
    It is pretty simple too.
    It is a very easy choice.

  44. Time Travel
    I want to fix my past choices
    And a lot of them
    But this kind of clashes with one of my brliefs
    “Everything happens for a reason”
    So If I went back in time to fix my mistakes
    What would those reasons be?

  45. In a world where is had any power of my choosing i would love the power to slow down or speed up time
    I could enjoy the good moments for as long as i like
    and speed through the bad ones
    i could be more aware
    And would not make as many mistakes

  46. If I was a superhero
    I’d definitely fly
    arms out stretched
    racing birds in the sky .
    If I was a superhero
    I’d had special powers
    like extra strong legs
    for jumping over towers.
    If I was a superhero
    I’d save all the oceans
    with my secret and magical
    cleaning potions
    If I was a superhero.
    I’d save all the tress
    and the mountains and rivers
    the birds and the bees
    If I was a superhero
    I’d help out the poor
    give them food
    and make them hungry no more
    If I was a superhero
    I’m sure you’ll agree
    the world would be better
    because of me!

  47. superheros are ordinary people
    but really help people
    save the world
    prevent bad things from happening
    different people in the movies have different powers
    you do not have to be
    or captain America
    to be a hero to someone

  48. invisibility

    If i could have any super power
    It would be invisible
    Being invisible would be fun
    i could listen to conversations without people knowing
    i can look out for people
    They won’t even know i’m there
    i can sneak on a plane and go explore the world
    When i feel like i’m all alone
    And don’t want anyone to find me then
    I can just turn invisible
    I can do anything when i’m invisible
    And nobody would ever know it was me

  49. What superpower would i like to have?
    I would have the power to not feel or get hurt,
    because all you do is get hurt by people that you love,
    Or get hurt by being yourself,
    and if someone wants to hit go give it a shot because i wont feel anything,
    As people say it will numb the pain or i wont feel any

  50. if i could have any superpower
    it would be to forget
    to forget the past
    to forget the pain i have endured over the years
    it would be to move on
    and keep going with life
    to not think about the people who dont even care
    that dont even care about me
    it would be to live life and enjoy it to the fullest
    if i had this superpower i wouldnt care what people think
    or why people think it but if only
    i could have superpowers…………

  51. Superhero

    is a superhero a person that lives to fight crime?
    or is it a person who will be there no matter what?
    is it someone who can fly and has a unpenetrable shield?
    or is it someone who has been there when no one else was?
    I think Superhero means
    someone who listens
    someone who is there for you
    someone who cares
    most superheroes now don’t where capes
    there everywhere

  52. I watch and wait for my superhero to come
    standing still I look around but yet nothing.
    I can feel his powers when they touch me
    like an electric shocking rushing through my body.
    I feel strong like nothing can stop me but now it’s gone.
    What will I do without my superhero
    who always came and saved the day.
    How can I feel strong again without his power.
    Maybe someday a new superhero will come to my rescue.

  53. Superheroes are amazing
    Powerful, and brave
    but what they don’t say
    is they are just people
    They save our lives but who will save theirs
    It’s hard to spot the ones in the crowd
    but if you look deep inside someone
    you will see the battles they won
    It will take sometime but be a hero and smile at someone

  54. Poem 7: My Superpower

    My superpower is something that I can’t reveal
    For then someone will try to steal it from me
    And use it on me
    So I’ll just describe it through my poetry
    It makes the strongest go weak
    It makes the wrong seem right
    It gives me a sense of mystery
    It allows me to sleep through the night
    It’s size is undecided
    All my life it has guided me
    Through the darkened path of life
    When I can’t see
    It sheds some light

  55. I Believe I Can Fly (no, not the song MJ dunked to in Space Jam!)

    Looking up at the sky
    Birds gliding above
    Where are they going?
    I step out in the sun
    Jump up and close my eyes
    Where to now?
    Flying, soaring, floating
    Looking down below
    What do I see?
    Trees, houses, cars
    So small, so many
    Where is the next stop?
    The glistening water shines
    The sun warms my back
    What is the destination?
    Zig zagging through the wind
    If only this dream would become a reality

  56. Only the Men


    Only they get the powers
    Only they get the sequels
    Only they get the girl

    Only they, are strong
    Only they, are tough
    Only they, are big

    Only they wear pants
    Only they have sidekicks
    Only they carry weapons

  57. Flying would be cool,
    I guess.
    When I would fly, I would zoom over the small towns,
    the cities,
    the rural farms,
    and I would see people there.
    Flying would help me see the world as if a were a bird,
    but like a bird, I would be helpless to change it.
    If I could breath underwater I could be like a fish,
    I could swim and flow about and see worlds of which no one could describe.
    I would see coral, turtles, dolphins,
    even other fish that could swim like me,
    but I would also see shipwrecks.
    Maybe I would even see one in progress.
    I would swim to the sinking boat like a fish,
    but like a fish, I would have to watch as the horror commences.
    So everyone wants a superpower,
    Breathing underwater,
    but if you can’t save anyone,
    is it really a super power?
    The “super power” that I would want isn’t special,
    it isn’t extra terrestrial,
    nor god-like,
    but I think it’s a good one.
    To any person who feels unworthy of themselves,
    like they don’t matter,
    I could make them feel like they are the most important person on the planet.
    Not in a self absorbed way either.
    Just enough to where, they too, can make others feel the same.
    then those people will make others feel the same,
    and so on.
    A super power can’t benefit you,
    but a super power is something that can benefit others.
    So flying would be cool,
    but birds already exist.
    Be a different kind of bird.
    One that can change others for the better.
    Only then will you have achieved a real “super power.”

  58. Any superpower?
    Travelling places,
    Faster than the speed of light.
    Bending the rules of quantum mechanics.
    Why, you ask?
    I’ll never be last.
    I’ll never be late.

  59. Super speed
    Feel the rushing wind
    Blow my hair.
    The mist of clouds
    Sprinkle my face.
    To be alone
    Where I can think.
    And read…

  60. If I had a
    I would be able to
    A book
    For the first time
    All over again
    So I could
    The wonder of

  61. The Empathizer

    My super hero feat would be the power to empathize
    Understand and feel another’s emotions and hear their secret cries
    To be able to be there to hold a hand when no one else is near
    To hug them and have them relieved of their fear.

    Watching as a smile lights up a saddened face
    Because they can feel your presence, your warm embrace
    When in the darkness they can no longer find the light
    You can be their shining candle, so bold and bright.

    When in their nervous moments you appear to instill a sense of calm
    Like some noted words of comfort found in a psalm
    You are beside them at any time, in any day
    They know you will be there to lead the way.

    Just as Professor X can detect all mutants and humankind
    Your empathetic ability can stretch out to every mind
    So that anyone in any place, no matter how young or old
    Will no longer have to feel depression’s inner cold.

    Look up to the stars or close your eyes and imagine
    The Empathizer will be there with all her passion
    To lend a shoulder of support or to always be a friend
    True empathy’s care and compassion will never end.

    1. This poem is very powerful, I too wish I could read others emotions, just to know whats going on. ¨feel another´s emotion and to hear their secret cries¨ That part really got to me.

  62. If I was able to have any superpower
    it would be the ability to play with time.
    I would be able to go back and fix problems in the past,
    I could predict the future for the good ,
    but the best thing is I can freeze time when a bad thing is occuring.

  63. If I could have a super power,
    I would have unlimited knowledge.
    This means I would have a lot of brain power,
    and I would be able to go college.
    School would be really easy,
    and the teachers would be amazed.
    I wouldn’t commonly be uneasy,
    when everything would be explained.

  64. Mind Reading

    I know what you’re thinking
    Before the words leave your lips
    I know your thoughts
    As they fill your mind like
    Cars in a parking lot
    And games you play
    The things you wish you didn’t say
    Even your secrets
    Belong to me
    So I can truly
    Mind read

  65. If I could I have one superpower, it would be for me to be able to heal others;

    For the sick and the weak,
    I would be able to seek,
    Others in need,
    I could be able to feed,
    I could heal the injured,
    My power will have great speed,
    They will become healed indeed,
    No, there is no catch,
    If I were those in need,
    I would feel blessed,
    With my superpower,
    I could help those in need.

  66. (this actually happened to my computer which was the inspiration for this poem)

    Black ink
    Slowly fills the cracked screen of
    Her hopeful, vivid imagination.
    The colors that were once displayed in
    Her beautiful personality
    Now hide behind a
    Screen and
    black ink
    Without warning,
    Wipes away all things beautiful leaving
    A cracked screen
    And and empty heart.

  67. If I had a super power
    It would be invisibility
    That way I could dispear
    When I need to hide
    When I don’t want to be seen
    When I’m embarrassed
    Or sad
    I could be invisible
    So no one could see me
    And that would be me

    1. I really like this poem because we all don’t want to be noticed at one point for a reason.

  68. people have many super powers
    the power to care
    the power to understand
    the power to learn
    all those powers can help you concur the greatest villain of all,
    but when everyone comes together and works as a team we all have one superpower in common
    the power to change the world

    1. I like how you used regular people to display super heros and how they change the world. I also like how you include the fact that teamwork is what changes the world considering the fact that most superheros in comic books work alone.

  69. In a world where I had a power, I would probably have the ability to travel through time
    Because who wouldn’t want the ability to correct past mistakes?
    Live a completely perfect life, and the ability to keep it so?
    Make the world perfect?
    That person would probably be me

  70. I don’t believe,
    that there is,
    any superheroes,
    out there,
    but they’re people,
    who do remarkable things,
    you don’t need a power,
    to do good,
    in the world

  71. Strength, Flight, Psychic Powers
    Everyone wants the power to defeat a villain.
    But are these really necessary?

    If I had a superpower,
    I would want the power
    to convince the villain
    That what he’s doing is wrong.

    I would tell him, “Stop!
    You are hurting innocent people.
    Is this the kind of person you wanna be?”
    I’d be able to reach out to him
    And he’d put his weapons down.

    He’d go home and rethink his wrongs,
    And in the morning, he would right them.
    He would go home, happy, and so would I.
    If things were this way, perhaps the world
    Would be a better place.

  72. I don’t really know a superhero
    Just some ordinary people
    Who had saved me
    From many things
    But if someone were to say
    “Oh those people saved you?
    Well their superheros, honey!”
    But to me they’re just ordinary people
    With some extraordinary way
    Of coming to the rescue
    But these ‘superheros’
    Have yet to know
    That they saved me
    From some troubling times
    But once they know
    I’d like to thank them
    From each moment
    They came to the rescue.

  73. Superhero.
    Someone we want to be.
    Is it because of their ability to beat anyone?
    Their ability to reign on top?
    Because that’s all anyone wants.
    To be the best.
    Is it because of their flowing cape
    or the mask that covers what they hide on their face?
    Sometimes all we want is to be hidden from the seeker.
    Or maybe it’s because of the fame they receive.
    The fact that everyone knows their name.
    Maybe all we want is to have a place in the world.
    Be important.
    When everyone looks up, they see you.
    But what is one thing
    that everybody wants?
    They’d do anything for?
    Could be happiness or love.
    But I can guarantee you,
    Superheros don’t have everything.

  74. What power do you want?
    To be able to fly
    To destroy or create
    To become invisible
    To be speedy
    All these powers have one thing in common
    There used for good
    Or maybe for bad
    Let’s not be bad

  75. What is a superhero?
    A person that saves?
    A person that come to your rescue?
    A person that flys around, fighting?
    Or a person that cares?
    A person that listens?
    “Super Hero” is a vague term.
    Is it a person with powers that defeats villains?
    Or a person that’s there for you?

    1. you did very good explaining, this can really make you think about the people close to you in life.

  76. If I could have any superpower, it would be creation.
    I could create or destroy a whole nation.
    I could make whatever I wish,
    I would be unstoppable-ish.
    Because technically, I could create any superpower I want.

    I could have
    Super Strength,
    and Mind Control.
    Time Travel,
    and Shapeshifting.
    and Omnipotence.

    If I could have a superpower, it would be creation.

  77. I have a favorite super hero. But not the type you think. It has to do with someone that has a special link. You may not understand and I don’t expect you to. But the heroes for me are the ones that don’t make you feel blue. Now you may say “Batman!” Or “Superman!” They have special powers. But the heroes for me are those that spend time with people and that’s how they spend their hours. The real superheroes are the ones that don’t have powers, and use what they have to help people. Some of them like priests work in a steeple. But not all people are brave enough to use what they have. While I sit in school on the chromebook using Test-Nav

    1. I like how you give examples like “Some of them like Priests work in a steeple.” It shows that you are understanding the subject you are talking about. I really like how you add “The real superheroes are the ones that don’t have powers, and use what they have to help people.” Nice job.

  78. The only superhero I know of is myself.
    I know when something is wrong
    and I try to fix it.
    All the bad things in life are driven away by myself.
    I know that sometimes to do the right thing
    could be doing something wrong
    in another perspective.
    Superheros arent all about
    fighting crime and being famous,
    because I know that to be a real hero,
    you just have to do whats right.
    Not because you were told to,
    but more of knowing what you have to do.
    And Im aware that sometimes doing the right thing
    could mean not being recognized
    for doing the right thing.
    Feeling that you should do something good
    because you have to
    or were forced to,
    defeats the purpose of feeling good about it.
    So the next time you feel something
    is right to do, do it because you want to,
    not because you need to.

  79. The only superhero I looked up to
    The only superhero whose powers I wished to emulate
    The only real superhero in my eyes
    The only superhero I grew up watching
    The superhero who only I would have as close a bond with
    The only time I needed him

    He was gone

    1. I really like how deep it is to you and when I read this I could really feel the power, i have one question…. who?

  80. If I could have any superpower, I think I would choose omnipotence or something like that. The ability to literally create something from nothing, so on and so forth. I could then create technology to produce other “superpowers” such as human flight, invisibility, or telekinesis.

  81. Superheroes what are superheroes ? Yeah you think they are really good people but they show them that they are the best people but in the real world yeah there are good people but can they really be as good as they seem in the movies. The real superheroes are the people that actually help when people fall down when they lost there job the real superhero is the person that helps not any superhero that can fly that person is not going to help you get a job that . The real superhero are the people that care the real superheroes are that help people in need . But the real question is. Why do people think that people that have super power are superheroes ? Do they really care about if he helps people or do they care that he has superpowers ???

  82. If i could have a super power
    Then i would freeze time
    Im late!
    Not anymore
    I just froze time
    5 more minutes
    All i need is one
    He needs to get to a hospital
    Hes there in a second

  83. Flying
    Saving lives
    The thoughts racing through my head
    Will I get these people back safe in bed?

    1. I like how in your poem your main concern is to save peoples lives with a superpower that can only help you.

    2. I noticed that you used the technique of rhyming in the phrase” The thoughts racing through my head, Will I get these people back safe in bed?” this is effective because it makes the reader more interested in your poem and makes them wonder what your superpower is.

  84. If I could be any superhero I would be flash because I would quit my job as a superhero and become a villain cause who in the world can catch me!?! Then I could be rich and no one knows I stole all the money.

  85. Super powers.
    Super heroes.

    All people we look up to.
    Even though they are imaginary.

    The real super heroes
    are the ones who
    are there for us when we need someone.

    We need to find those super heroes
    in our lives.

    They’ll be the ones to save us
    when are in some big trouble
    and need someone to be there.

    1. All you said is very true sometimes we get caught up on the imaginary world when really non of that will ever happen and we need to find a way to be our own super hero or find someone that will want to care for us as much as we want them to.

  86. If I could acquire any superpower it would be flight,
    I could fly anywhere I want and fly with the Northern Lights.
    I could fly around the world and find new things,
    And I could fly faster than bees that sting.

    1. I really like the simile that you use, “And I could fly faster than bees that sting” because it really makes the reader imagine how fast a superhero can go. I also like how you use “the Northern Lights” because it adds an image in the reader’s head. When I read this I could imagine bright lights in the sky and it added a joyful affect to the poem.

  87. If I could have any superpower
    I would be invisible
    I would use it to help people
    lIsten to them
    And help them
    In times of need

  88. If she existed
    She would fly through the window
    and explain my math homework
    She would give my friend
    the money he forgot
    She would refill the chrome book with energy
    so I don’t have to wait
    If she existed, she wouldn’t be too special
    She would do the simple things

    1. I think we all need a superhero or someone like that. Doing even the smallest acts of kindness can make someones day! Not a lot of people think of this. So thank you for bring us an everyday superhhero

  89. If I could have any superpower,
    I would have super speed,
    So I could run places,
    And do my needs,

    I could travel anywhere,
    Because I could run so fast,
    That I could run on water,
    So in a race I will never finish last.

    1. Ben i agree with you because when you are suck somewhere you can run home at the speed of light

  90. As I fly through my city,
    I stop petty, little crimes like
    Knockout a bank robber,
    Get a purse back for an elderly woman,
    Use my heat vision to obliterate an immortal being from a parallel universe,
    you know, normal things.

    Today was different though.
    I could feel something big coming.
    I search all around my city, but I see nothing,
    just extravagant proposals,
    well-choreographed flash mobs,
    a horde of cyclopes singing like a mariachi band,
    you know, normal things.

    At the end of a day jam-packed with stopping
    56 crimes, a record daily low,
    I flew home.
    “Hey honey, I’m home!” I exclaim as I bust through the door.
    “Good evening sweetheart, how was work?” she asked.
    “It was just ok,” I said. “A record daily low.
    But I can’t shake this feeling that something
    big is looming on my horizon.”
    “Oh there is,” said a familiar male voice behind me.

    Before I could turn around

    1. I appreciate your use of
      As if what the speaker does
      Is just typical, the usual way
      To spend the day.

  91. A mountain of socks stands between me and the TV —
    eleven kids by two feet by seven days of cotton static cling.
    Cross-legged on the carpet I go to work —
    matching, wondering “is this the only purpose I serve.”

    “Sarah,” I hear echoing from the tube.
    “Sarah, it’s me Mohandas Gandhi.”

    I look around,
    but there’s no other sound.
    None of the eleven
    is helping me in the den.

    A Hindu, Gujarat, Indian man
    draped in spun cotton langoti
    sits cross-legged, bare-limbed
    on the black and white screen.

    “There is no shame in serving others in this way,” he says.
    “Purpose, service, happiness
    is beyond what you do with your hands.
    Happiness is when
    what you think, what you say, and what you do are in
    Serve others lovingly, Sarah.
    Be the change you wish to see,Sarah.”

    “Sunday, Monday, Happy Days.”
    The Fonz winks at me through the screen.
    A cotton tube sock rests on my knee.
    I smile and return to work on my mountain.

    1. This poem is interesting in the way that
      it brings TV into real life.
      How a person can personally speak to you
      without personally speaking to you.
      And socks are so mundane
      but as they say,
      “Eso si qué es.”

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