Introducing My Debut YA Novel, Alone Together

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Today is Friday, which means Story Time in my junior high writing classes; students share their writing in an open-mic forum with student-hosts facilitating the stories and celebrations. Today, I stepped up to the mic in front of my biggest and most beloved critics: my seventh-grade students. I wanted them to be the first to hear from my debut young adult verse novel, Alone Together. Scott made the introduction, and Alex recorded my reading to commemorate the event. (It is a really big deal to share and really scary to read your art to a room full of people, and they’ve been doing this since August.) My critics were kind as they showered me with celebrations and support.

So, introducing the first few pages of my debut novel, Alone Together. Now available for pre-order on Amazon Books. Release date May 1, 2018. (My friend April Dippy Berbari is designing the cover, which will be revealed soon.)…

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