Poem Nine: 9 Lines (a Nonet)

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Inspiration: A nonet is a nine line poem. A nonet can be written on any subject and rhyming is optional. The poem starts with a line that has 9 syllables in it. The second line contains 8 syllables, the third line has 7 syllables ,and it continues to count down to one syllable in the final line (ninth line).

Guidance: Need an idea for your nonet?

  • Search images. Tell a story or describe what’s happening in a nonet.
  • About what are you most passionate (e.g., swimming, horses, soccer, gaming)? Describe it or tell a story in the nonet.
  • Is there an issue in the world that interests you (e.g., war, poverty, racism, police brutality, politics, immigration, global warming, guns, freedom, refugees, gender)? Capture the issue in a nonet – who, what, where, why.
  • Look at the news for an idea. Click here, and whatever is on the front page, write about it (or click around).

Want to read some novels in poetry form? You may have noticed that I am posting one a day, but here is another source.

128 Replies to “Poem Nine: 9 Lines (a Nonet)”

  1. Maybe i should just stop breathing tonight
    everything ive done, not worth it
    problems i will never solve
    is resolve even a choice
    what are my choices
    what are options
    what are they
    they’re bad

  2. Out of the water
    I jump to catch my breath
    I feel frozen
    I can’t feel my legs
    How did this happen

  3. I was only three when she left me
    Nothing hurts more than her leaving
    My life change forever
    I wasen’t the same person
    Many years no change
    Mess me up

  4. When I see him
    i swear i could
    be the best person
    in the world
    i don’t know
    if he could tell
    but i think
    i’m in love

    1. I think your poem is unique because you dont go into detail, you lt us hang off our imagination when you say “I swear I could”.

  5. life
    what i purpose
    they words are just let it go
    if you have to do something do it just do
    and let out

  6. Splash Splash Splash
    into the water
    then out the water to catch my breath
    I open my eyes and see blurry blue

    1. ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑
      all around me is water dark blue like the sky
      I see seashells
      and realize the sun is coming down
      I Swim swim swim
      and catch my breath all over again

  7. Gripping my Xbox controller tight
    I’m about to die in fallout
    I swing my weapon at him
    And he swings back at me
    Why won’t this mutant die?
    Little health left.
    It’s the end.
    Just a

  8. Expressing myself isn’t always easy
    dance has helped me do that
    I love music and dance
    it’s like the perfect “medicine” for me
    It gets me out of here
    I might not be the most talented person
    but all I know is that
    it helps me escape
    and have fun
    for a bit
    Express yourself
    don’t let people keep you from doing
    what you love
    they won’t matter
    when your doing what you love

    1. I can relate to the part “I might not be the most talented person” because I also think I am not the most talented person, but it helps me feel relaxed and I have fun

  9. (Picture of jumping cat)
    As I jumped off the tallest table,
    I tried to make the baby laugh.
    When I see how high I jumped,
    I wonder, should I flip?
    I should try to land,
    I repeated.
    The floor came

  10. Day by day, I wait in pain for you
    Day by day, I cry just for you
    Night by night, I dream of you
    Day by day, I still wait
    Day by day, I worry
    You are my dreams
    I love you
    I’ll wait

  11. Day by day, I wait in pain for you
    Day by day, I cry just for you
    Day by day, I cannot sleep
    Asked god for an angel,
    And he gave me you
    You are my world
    I’m in love
    I know

  12. When I see her I can’t look away
    Her smile is the best thing ever
    Her laugh is so adorable
    She is so beautiful
    She is wonderful
    She’s an angel
    I like her
    A lot
    LOVE ^

  13. I live my life but I’m running out
    I need to stop stressing but I
    Have way too much on my mind
    I can’t stop worrying
    Will everything work
    I need to stop
    But I can’t
    I need

  14. So much to write down,
    In just nine, quick lines.
    How to get in each, last bit,
    When time is running out?
    As I speak word for word
    Am I wasting precious thoughts?
    I mean, always have the need to write
    like I’m running out of time,
    But now I actually am.

  15. Its always has to be us against the world,
    No matter how hard we try to change it,
    We are different in many ways,
    we try to cross roads but we collide,
    It’s always love, hate, or don’t care
    It just can’t be peace.
    Frowns replace
    our smiles

  16. One of my favorite’s music
    Music is my life, I love it
    It makes life so much better
    Panic! At The Disco
    Twenty one Pilots
    The Neighbourhood

  17. Mind filled with positivity
    Couldn’t stop who I was before
    I could actually think we’ll
    Looking on the bright side
    Sadness and Darkness

  18. soccer is the best sport invented
    you will have fun when you play it
    defense is my position
    offense can be fun too
    running and blocking
    kicking, punting
    practice makes

  19. Supermoon rises in November
    Fremantle, Australia waits
    Huddled together, they watch
    Cameras face the sky
    A rose gold shimmers
    Large, and ascends
    Down, please

    1. i think you did in a good job with your description and i like how you wrote, “a rose gold shimmers.¨

  20. 9th period is reading where we write and read
    8th period is art where we draw
    7th period is writing which is my favorite class cause it has my favorite teacher
    6th period is music which is really boring
    5th period is lunch where we eat
    4th period is history where i get in trouble a lot well not a lot
    3rd period is gym where we me and my two friends jahkel and kirstian chill at
    2nd period is math
    1st period is science where we learn about science

    1. I like how you included every period in a school day and described what the class does in that period/class. For example, “9th period is reading where we write and read, 8th period is art where we draw.”

  21. Seeing blue and pink skies pass me
    I can’t breath, yet I keep going
    Going so fast, I am free
    Feet numb but I’m fighting
    Wind blowing on trees
    I am flying
    No worries
    I’m calm

    1. I like how descriptive you were, you show a lot of determination in the line “I can’t breath yet I keep going” it’s a good poem.

  22. Writing-Finish my letter
    GTT-Finish my slides
    Math-Do my worksheets
    Spanish-Finish my notes
    History-Finish my vocabulary
    Science- Study for my test
    Reading-Do these poems
    So much work to do
    So little time

    1. I can relate to when you said “so much work to do, so little time” because I think that teachers overload students with work. They think that we don’t have social lives and that we have ALL the time in the world to do daily assignments, even on weekends.

    2. I can definitely relate. There is so much school work to do, I just want to watch tv or play video games. Usually, I just have Reading and math work to do, and I bet I would have a ton less if I actually did my poems on time. I am a huge procrastinator, so when you said “So much work to do, So little time”, that really stuck with me. In high school I won’t build up poems for 10 days haha.

  23. The weather can make someone depressed.
    The weather can bring out the best.
    On warm days we’ll walk around
    On chilly days we’ll sit.
    The weather can kill
    Or give a thrill
    When it rains,

    1. I can relate when you say,” the weather can kill or give a thrill,” becuase the weather can really put you in a bad place and you don’t feel like doing anything but sotimes it can bring excitement and happiness.

  24. 9th period is Spanish class where we learn a new language
    8th period is history where we learn about the past
    7th period is reading where we read and write
    6th period is math
    5th period is lunch where we eat
    4th period is science where we learn about science
    3rd period is music where we play guitar
    2nd period is gym where we run around and have fun
    1st period is writing where we write

  25. Love
    Why does it gotta
    Be like that
    We all been through
    A breakup
    If you havent thats good
    Cause your just enjying life

  26. Lacrosse team plays together
    Screaming at every victory
    Comforting at every lose
    Cradling the ball faster
    Picks up speed faster
    Passes to the offense
    Shoots in the goal
    Whistle blows
    Game won

    1. A clever line is ” Comforting at every lose Cradling the ball faster,” because it makes you see how close your team is and you picked good wordplay.

  27. Why is the world considered cruel?
    This isn’t how things should be going
    Life is not fair for people
    People need help a lot
    And that is okay
    People need love
    Not more hate

    1. The phrase “never hate” got me thinking because it makes me understand that there should never be hate in the world and it can relate back to peace which makes a lot of people feel there should be more of in the world

  28. All you see is people with a smiles on their face
    dancing and enjoying what they love to do
    Music is blasting
    bouncing from wall to wall
    feeling free
    for once
    nothing to worry about
    at that moment
    because when you come back
    to reality
    the pain comes back
    enjoy every moment

    1. I can relate to the part “when you come back to reality the pain comes back” because I am a dancer and I know that while the music goes on and the moves flow you can’t think of anything else and the pain goes away but when it’s over you can’t stop your mind from going to the pain

      1. I can also relate too” nothing to worry about at that moment because when you come back to reality the pain comes back enjoy every moment,” because I stress out a lot and don’t enjoy whats happening in the present.

  29. It’s bounced around
    Touching glove to glove
    Hand to hand
    Bat to bat
    It leaves the stitches in your skin
    Leaving it’s mark on where it’s been
    12 inches
    88 stitches

  30. The sun rise
    Sun peaking over the horizon
    Red, orange, yellow colors reflecting on the clouds
    Animals just waking up
    World waking up
    Sun rise

  31. They sit around all day chasing flies
    Eating scraps they find on the floor
    Watching cars drive by the house
    Staring out the window
    Life being a cat
    Day after day
    Sitting down
    Sounds boring

  32. Music almost seemed to sway with the laughter of
    people that came to a carnival to have fun
    there were cookies, purple ones and
    fluffy balls of pink cotton
    I couldn’t think how
    I could miss
    the carousel

  33. The bunny plays all day having fun
    the bunny jumps up and down to
    The ground and smiles happily
    The bunny runs to his
    cage in search of water
    and some food to
    quench his
    instant burst
    of hunger
    then flops
    to rest

  34. What are we eating?

    Has that poor cow seen the light of day?
    Is that an apple, or a clone?
    Is this corn, original?
    Was that just three dollars?
    Did that like it’s food?
    Trans fat

    1. I like when you say “has that poor cow seen the light of day?” and “Is that an apple, or a clone” because it make you really think about what you’ve been eating.

  35. Majestic places far away
    Where death swings around stealing lives
    Finding every trekking soul
    Sooner or later
    Slitting their throats
    Tears flying
    Now you’re

  36. School system

    I know how to persuade others by emotions
    but I don’t know how to pay taxes
    Teachers have the hardest job
    but are still underpaid
    kids are dropping out
    kids doing drugs
    it helps

    1. This poem is under appreciated with no comments or likes… until now. It is eloquent and beautiful.

  37. Problem

    Sad because i didn’t get my donuts,
    But a least everyone else did,
    Running and searching for it,
    Looking for the lost one,
    Crying out for me ,
    Calling my name,
    Help me,

  38. 10 million beautiful colors that attracts my eyes,
    1 million shades that I can compare,
    Is 10 million colors all I can see?
    Or is it less than 10 million?
    whats your name?
    Purple? Violet?

  39. The ball hits the ground 1
    Two people go for it 2
    The race begins 3
    Both dribbling fast to 4
    see who can shoot 5
    One gets the ball and runs 6
    shoot 7
    goal 8

  40. The world is not perfect you see man,
    There is always hate somewhere here.
    People just cant get along,
    Beginning till the end,
    Hate is on the rise,
    This will end us,
    Till we change,
    We will…

    : / mixed feelings about this one

  41. Love is something that can break your heart
    Love is like a flame that burns you
    Getting broken by someone
    The one you thought was yours
    Forgetting love hurts
    Stabbed in the heart
    Love is dumb

    1. This poem moved me when you said “love is like a flame that burns you”. Good job on this one

  42. Love
    we all want it
    we all need it
    it should be cherished
    not ignored
    lets spread love
    not end it
    isnt that what love is about

  43. The night sky
    clouds might be out
    stars shine
    look out as the sky brightens
    consider it a warning
    the next day could be vexing
    though the bright sun taunts you
    it speaks of joy
    but you can’t always trust the light

  44. I sit down on my couch
    I hear a ding
    the screen lights up in front of me
    I put my hands on the controller
    and I take control of what I see
    I seem to be unstoppable at this moment
    thing, after thing,
    person, after person
    I con-core them all
    And there it is the words

  45. horses
    brushing all imperfections away,
    all the mud
    dirt from being outside
    all of the fresh air
    take you outside
    just you and me
    ride you in the big field where we are the only things out there to be seen
    we stay out there for about 3 hours enjoying the time we have
    its quite, safe, only the sounds of nature
    just simply free.

  46. I jump with great might, off my right foot.
    I outstretch my body forward,
    and blink as I float above,
    I land hard on the sand.
    My spine feels a jolt.
    Sand in my shoes.
    Fifteen ft,

    1. I like how you said, “Breath.” for the last sentence because it kind of ends the suspense that was built up in the previous lines.

  47. Thinking
    Such a dangerous yet thoughtful thing
    It makes you wonder
    And remember, curiosity killed the cat
    It makes your brain hurt just thinking about it
    there you go again, thinking
    you’re thinking again
    never stop

    1. This poem is very deep, it makes you think about thinking. For when you said ¨Thinking, such a dangerous yet thoughtful thing” made me think is overthinking bad? I think it might be…

  48. Strangers
    I sit and just wonder about them
    What makes them so joyful inside
    Is it the little things or
    Or is it the big things
    Why do they just smile
    Whatr’ they saying
    Whyr’ they sad

  49. The feet tapped
    Hands clapped
    The sound of music gave so much joy
    People yelled
    At the music
    People screamed
    People cried
    People smile
    All are pretty wild

  50. The whistle blows and the game begins
    fresh grass smell blows into your nose
    the sun beating down on you
    up and down the field we go
    the pressure begins
    dribble, pass, kick, goal
    took so long
    but we

  51. I always say when you are silent
    you can hear the earths heartbeat fast
    the wind howling to you
    the sun singing her song
    the river dancing
    the clouds blowing
    it becomes
    the great

  52. The Cactus
    I have a very spiky cactus
    It sits on the black window sill
    Right underneath the window
    Close to the round table
    Above the floor vent
    Next to the chair
    right here with
    in the

  53. The spring air softly blows beside me
    buds are blooming into flowers
    Birds build nest in the big trees
    Not too hot not too cold
    Sunny and breezy
    Perfect weather
    Riding bikes
    Fresh air

    1. I can see you put thought into this poem and I really enjoyed the “Not too hot not too cold” because it reminds me of the weather outside now

  54. In class

    I’m dozing off into my own thoughts
    People are focused doing work
    silence creeps into the room
    Desperate for class to end
    Looking up at clock
    Pencils moving
    Raising hand

  55. The night sky over us, stars all around.
    The cold nips at our fingers tonight
    We sit under the stars, they shine bright
    Like thousands of lights at night.
    Even though the nearest light
    Is forty miles
    away from us
    wind blows

  56. Bradlee Mae

    To my beautiful niece Bradlee Mae
    I cannot wait to hold your hand
    I cannot wait for your smile
    I cannot wait to read
    To you before bed
    You’ll be here soon
    Little B
    Almost here

  57. (Congratulations! You just won a lifetime supply of cringe! Click here to get a vir-I mean, claim your reward!)

    The planet is heating up a lot
    Glaciers disappear left and right
    Species are going extinct
    Dying by the truckload
    Humans are to blame
    Global warming
    Heats us up
    Burns all

    1. I think that global warming was the perfect topic for this type of poem. When each line gets smaller and smaller it might symbolize how more and more is being taken away from the planet little by little.

  58. Greenland

    An island covered in ice and snow,
    Villages surround the coastline,
    Wind whistles in the mountains,
    Always cold and frigid,
    Even in summer,
    but beautiful,
    and unique.

  59. The Forgotten Girl

    She watches with soulful, tearing eyes

    Party invites are passed near her

    Hopeful, waiting for a card

    Happy smiles, loud giggles

    Are not meant for her

    Hurting inside




  60. Not just any Horse, a gymnastics horse.
    This Gymnastics horse uses skills,
    to make up a full routine.
    There are skills called scissors,
    flairs,and russians.
    Although this is
    easy I still
    yell out

    1. I like the ending of your poem it is a good way to end this poem I will have to use an ending like this.

  61. The kitten and puppy are so cute
    They play together like me and you
    They stay with each other too
    They are our companions
    And we love them
    with all our

  62. In poetry

    Varying styles in one genre
    Each word is different and unique
    Topics to explore and share
    Your heart is in control
    Thinking takes up time
    Simple it is
    Things to say
    No rules

    1. I really like how you explained what poetry is and how it makes one feel. I agree that each word is different and unique and that’s what makes a great poem!

    2. Your words- “your heart is in control” really moved me because when I write I try to use my heart and to think less especially in poetry.

  63. Playing viola is very fun,
    I have gained many benefits,
    Sound waves travel within rooms,
    Music notes fill papers,
    My hearing improved,
    My mind is calm,
    It’s focused,
    Each Day,

    1. To start out what a great topic to write about! I love your description it makes it easier to visualize! What a heart felt poem!

    2. I like how you did the topic of youiolar poem of something you love which is playing viola.

  64. Clomp, clomp, the runner’s shoes hit the ground,
    Each stride he takes gets him further,
    Everyone is behind,
    He is pulling away,
    He can win it all,
    He’s done it,
    New record,

  65. The moon is red and rises slowly,
    People crowd and take out cellphones,
    It’s too early for morning,
    It’s too late for the night,
    Super moon rises,
    People cheer loud,

  66. The sun rises over the mountains,
    It shines brightly into my room.
    I can hear the cars drive past
    And the people stirring.
    The time is early,
    I’m in the pool.
    Kids screaming.
    I’m calm.

    1. the normal day is good, i can relate to the part where you say that your calm now,the waters are a good way to escape reality 🙂

  67. Trapped. Isolated. Outsiders. Uncontrollable.
    No one wants to stand up for us.
    But we can’t help what we say.
    Trapped inside ourselves.
    Pounding on the glass to be let out.
    Like a caged animal.
    I don’t know what to do.
    Or what they’re saying.
    Who am I supposed to be?
    I put on a mask.
    If I’m not them I’m suddenly shut out,
    and thrown bricks at.
    But I’ll pick those bricks up,
    and I’ll make a castle out of them.
    Because I know I’m on onion.
    Under all those outside layers,
    I’m something

    1. The part that touched me is when you said “who am i suppose to be?” that tells us all how everyone else created someone else out of us

  68. What is happening,
    in our world?
    left and right,
    gun violence,
    police brutality
    global warming,
    what more can there be?

    1. I really like how this is about world issue and serious topics. I also like how it ends in a question, continuing on the poem in the readers head.

  69. I hear a “tweet” and the game began,
    I wait patiently for the ball,
    I got the ball at my feet,
    I start to dribble down,
    I stop at the box,
    Crank up my leg,
    Took the shot,

    1. I had difficulty with my poem today but yours just flows like a river. It tells a great story and gives you the feelings. I don’t even play soccer anymore but I can still remember and relive the feeling from this poem.

  70. drawing is what I’m constantly in
    it brings me happiness and joy
    paper sits in front of me
    blank but not for that long
    i know what to do
    what I do best
    i sit still
    and think

    1. I can relate to the part, “it brings me happiness and joy” because drawing brings me that feeling as well. Also, I understand what quietness can bring by reading your poem. It can cause you to sit still and relax.

    2. Love it! I especially like the line “blank but not for that long” because it shows that the creativity is coming.

  71. Constantly checking notifs for friends.
    Playing some games in their free time.
    Listening to Pandora.
    Researching interests.
    Learning JavaScript
    Who’s life do you
    Think this is?
    It’s obvious.


    1. It’s a good idea to make a nonet out of something you read and that’s creative. I read about the chemical attack today too

    2. I like yours Mrs. Donovan because it looks very organized, also the reader can really understand this poem because this is something that’s happening now. And the reader can get inspired by this too.

  72. Gun Violence Must End

    BANG! The quiet of the night is gone.
    A man lies dying on the floor.
    His family cries out in grief.
    They will never forgive.
    Memories wasted
    For no reason
    A girl sobs,

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