Poem Twenty: Imagining

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Inspiration: Earlier in the month, we suggested lists as a way of poem-ing. One idea was to write a list of what you’d like to see changed in the world. If you did this, great — go back to poems 2 or 12 to see what you wrote. If you did not, think about just ONE thing you’d like to change in your world or our world and write a poem of how you see that coming true. Who would help? What ideas or ways of thinking would be a part of it? What would people do differently? How would people work together? What knowledge or problems solving would be required? How would your world or our looks and feel differently?


  1. Your opening stanza could describe the problem you see.
  2. The second stanza could be a shift to communicate what we can do to bring about that change.
  3. Your third stanza could imagine years ahead how life would be and feel better.

As always, you are free to write about anything you wish!


Do you have an idea for our last ten poems? Write your idea below and it may be our next inspiration!(Please, do not put today’s poem here; continue to post your poems and comments to one another below.)


139 Replies to “Poem Twenty: Imagining”

  1. Imagine
    If everyone was happy
    It could be a perfect world
    But no
    It’s not that easy
    Nothing is

  2. Imagining
    a would with no anger
    A world with peace
    A world where everyone has shelter and food
    A world without pollution
    Maybe if people didn’t throw their trash on the floor,
    We wouldn’t have global warming

  3. Imaginating
    a world with no stress
    A world with no wars and no hunger
    With perfect families
    the reality is everything happens for a reason

  4. Imagine
    If all teachers understood
    That homework is stressful
    And students have things they want to do after school
    Like hangout with friends
    Or join new clubs
    And students have things they need to do after school
    Like chores.
    Were already in school from 7:50-2:30
    So can’t we go home after that and be kids?
    But yet,
    We go home to hours after hours of homework.
    Imagine a world where you don’t have to stress out about school work
    After school.
    Where everyday could be as happy as a friday,
    With no homework to stress us out.

  5. Imagination
    Its fun some times
    We imagine a perfect life
    Without limits
    But its a bouble
    To keep us away
    Away from reality
    And the problems with it
    What do you think

  6. Let’s imagine
    That we live in a world
    where everyone’s
    smile was real.
    Because even though
    some of us know
    how to be “happy”
    our smiles are not

    1. I love this poem elicia! The line which most gets to me is ,” where everyone’s smiles was real” because what if this world everyone’s smile was a real one where you could see no pain beneath someone’s eyes that would be amazing

  7. Drugs
    Kills thousands of people
    It ruins so many lives

    We need to change this
    To many people are dying
    Dealers need to stop selling
    Yes it gives them money
    But thousdans of people die because of them

    Imagine a world where everyone is clean
    Where no one has to worry about doing drugs
    that the world I want

  8. stealing
    why do it
    why take others hard work
    and make it your own
    why take some peoples
    life living away from hem
    we need ti change
    we need to do something
    anything to change
    start with working hard
    believing you can do it
    work hard and success will come
    maybe some year people wont steal
    maybe the world will be perfect
    all we got to do is believe

  9. Inventions
    A way to get my ideas out
    My pencil moves swiftly across the page
    As I smile with joy
    Questions bubble up in my mind
    What if…
    How does….
    What about….
    The next thing I know
    A Whole notebook is filled
    A need to know how and why things work
    A surge to expand my knowledge
    A need to create, build or craft
    I feel primitive but at the same time futuristic
    I laugh like a madman as I feel pride
    I guess my needs are fulfilled
    For now

  10. I drift off and start dreaming.
    I see Mexico and El Salvador,
    with people living in good safe shelters.
    I could see all the people with smiles on their faces.
    Children laughing and playing in the park.
    As I walked around the neighborhood I saw
    all the peace and quiet there was.
    Everything was peaceful and no gangs came
    to disrupt the silence.
    I was awake and this was reality.
    I saw the tv on and it was on the news channel.
    It showed Mexico having peace and then the next second
    a couple of people were having an argument.
    I sighed.
    Change could happen but it would just take time.

  11. Many people
    may think they know a lot about swimming
    but most know very little about it

    I kind of like this though,
    because I can feel special
    That I know more about this than anyone in the school.

  12. People do not know much about lacrosse
    i would like for people to know
    since I am one of those people who play girls lacrosse

    I would probably put flyers out
    And I would go to the board and tell them what I think abut lacrosse

    I feel comfortable in where the lacrosse program will
    stand in the future
    a lot more people will know about girls lacrosse

  13. if I could change anything it would be
    No more drama
    No more bullying
    No more lairs
    No more haters
    No more judging
    That’s all I want

  14. It’s time to stop
    no more
    This world is not perfect
    until the who world can accomplish a goal

    There are too many questions
    and too little answers
    wouldn’t it be great to stop all of this

    How are we supposed to say this world is perfect
    if a crime happens every 5 seconds
    even genocide now.

    How are we supposed to say this world is perfect
    if 774 million people cant read
    if 805 million people barely have anything to eat
    if 1.3 billion people live in extreme poverty

    All I wish for all these problems to go away
    to get rid of the
    crime rate
    crisis stalemate
    I wish to end all this

    1. Your poem viewed many different issues that the world is facing. I liked your use of facts, especially “if 774 million people cant read, if 805 million people barely have anything to eat, if 1.3 billion people live in extreme poverty”. It makes us feel very sad that so many people have to live barely living. Honestly, I thought more people lived in extreme poverty. That is why America is such a great place, people can come here from third-world countries, and live a much better life.

    2. I like the change you made really quick ” its time to stop no more this world is not perfect until the whole world can accomplish a goal”. nice job

    3. I really liked when you said “how are we supposed to say the world is perfect when a crime happens every 5 seconds” because it got me thinking about how many people think the world is a wonderful, beutiful place when really it is not. It touched me because I can connect to it in my own life because crime related things have happened in this very town and in my mothers friends lives. Thank you for sharing.

  15. I if could change anything it would be
    No more drama
    No more judging
    No more bullying
    No more liars
    And nothing but peace

    1. the idea you wrote about no more judging is interesting because alot of people think things about u without knowing u

    2. I agree with you, society is just messed up and people judge because they don’t know someone like they believe they do.

  16. No more liars
    No more thieves
    No more cheaters
    If you please

    To make a difference
    Takes courage
    In a world
    Where there’s hardly any

  17. Changing the world
    There would be no way
    If we wanted to change humans behavior
    It would be impossible
    There’s always rebels
    People hating on something
    There is so many things
    That isn’t right
    People have their own opinions on how the world would be “Great”
    I would get rid of liars

  18. she looks at the could
    think about what she sees
    they almost look like a soft snow covered blanket
    or cotton balls
    she lays in the grass all alone
    just by herself
    looking at the clouds

    1. i have a personal connection to when you wrote she looks at the could because i always think/imagine about the future of what could or cant happend.

  19. Humans killing other humans. Guns sending bullets flying towards innocent people. The news not having enough time to report on all of the shootings, so they only talk about the most deadly ones. Why do people get this violent? Their parents were violent. That is the cause of all war, and murder.

    But if those people, who do things like this, would take a bit to see the human in themselves, and the kindness that was there all along, but ignored. If gun stores were removed, and guns were illegal to all, gun violence may be reduced, but it would still happen. The only way to stop this is with love.

    Imagine if we did solve this problem, though. You wouldn’t have to watch the news and pray for all those who were killed. You wouldn’t have to die an unfair death. There would be less fear, and less people who have been scarred for life because they have killed another person. There would be more happiness.

    1. Until I read “If gun stores were removed, and guns were illegal to all, gun violence may be reduced, but it would still happen. The only way to stop this is with love.”,I thought gun control was the solution because canada has less murders than the US because of their gun laws,but it is not apparently,and the solution is love 🙂

  20. What should be changed
    In this world?
    There are so many
    Question and riddles
    That have yet to be solved.
    So many problems and obsticals
    We must overcome.

    But without all this,
    What would we be?
    So perfect, life is boring,
    Without lessons to learn.
    If we gain so much
    From our several mistakes,
    Is it worth it to take them away?

    Or would it be wise
    To keep always hate?
    Have nothing but peace
    And harmony in our lives.
    Close your eyes and imagine
    What your life would be like
    If there were no
    Global Warming

    It sounds so much better to me,
    Simple peace and love,
    But can we fix all this at once?
    Would we be happier with
    Perfect lives 24/7?

    I’m not sure.

    I wonder if one day,
    I’ll find out.

    1. I thought that your poem was really great. I like how you named all the things that were wrong with the world and you drilled it into the readers brain then you asked them to forget it all and imagine how life would be without it.

  21. world peace, that the only way stuff can get done,
    If someone negative keeps disagreeing
    they’re preventing others from doing good.
    if everyone just compromised then their would be world peace and all problems would
    be solved….

    1. The personal connection to when you wrote about when people always disagree is cause they don’t want to see u good and that is true to me because when i would want to see a change in my self people will always try to bring me down by inviting me outside .

    2. A personal connection to when you say “If someone negative keeps disagreeing” is whenever I try to prove a point about something, and someone is negativitly disagreeing, it brings me down and it stops me from doing good, just like you are talking about in this very poem.

  22. Respect
    Not judging by looks
    Listening when your spoken to
    Helping others
    Treating everyone equally
    Not questioning other people’s decisions

  23. I see myself being happy without anyone i see myself being myself
    without being judged
    i want to be seen useful for once that would be nice
    instead of being useless
    i want to be happy for the first time in years
    i would imagine how happy many things would make me happy
    for the first time.

  24. Happiness
    A thing I guess I feel a lot
    Some might say
    I’m the most bubbly girl
    I’m always so joyful
    But, do you know the real me?
    The me that gets sad very often
    Why? You might ask
    Or maybe you don’t care
    Maybe you do
    Maybe you told me you did and lied about it
    It wouldn’t be anything new
    Call me happy
    Call me bubbly
    But inside it’s not all glitter and rainbows

    1. I can relate to the part where you said, “Call me happy, Call me bubbly, But inside it’s not all glitter and rainbows,” because I am very optimistic, but there are times where I’m not as happy and it’s a part of me that I hate for people to see. Only certain people have seen me cry, and I’d like that only my closest friends/family have seen me upset, because I like that people see me as a very happy person.

  25. One thing I would like to see changed in the world is how people decide to pick on others either by looks, race, gender, etc. Why do you decide to pick on people to be able to feel good about yourself? I wish instead of picking on others we talk about people success and their way of life. We need to be able to get along with everyone not hurt others. Everybody deserves love and respect no matter what.

  26. i can see myself being happy
    i look and imagine how things could be
    i let go of the bad thoughts but they keep coming back
    i throw them as far as i can
    trying to stay happy
    and loving everything that i have
    it’s a hard fight to win
    but i fight till the end
    i can imagine the things that keep me happy.

  27. well i have a few things i can put in the list of things i would like to see changed in the world

    nukes being banned
    let me explain they are to powerful we need ban them world wide so one of the world leaders cant decide oh we dont like you boom goodbye

    a war prevention person
    let me explain a couple people who have been heavily trained to negotiate and appeal to both sides and hopefully prevent a war

    a renewable fuel source
    don’t really need to explain

  28. Technology
    Phones and such
    They bring people together
    and they push people away from others
    Is it worth the stress
    Is it worth the worry

  29. Nothing,
    People my say there are a lot of bad things,
    But there are also good,
    Like flowers, spring, rain, and sun,
    Like allergies, sunburn, thunderstorms, and radiation.

    Everything is capable of doing good things,
    But some people choose to do bad,
    Like FMSC, (feed my starving children)
    Like TSSC, (theres still starving children).

    Still I would change nothing,
    For better,
    Or for worse.

  30. PHONES
    Are Best friend
    Are enemy
    The reason there are car crashes
    The reason people go to Apple
    The reason their is a lot of drama
    The reason people tweet a lot
    People being stalked
    People feeling uncomfortable
    People getting a connection
    People getting closer
    Maybe we can just call it are

    1. I like the way that you worded this poem explain how phones seem so beneficial to us even though they cause so much damage.

  31. When I look at you
    and you look at me
    there are all these urgent feelings
    hate, love
    no, none of the above
    how can you feel twords someone so harsh
    I guess it was for the best we split apart

  32. I look into your eyes but yet I can’t see
    feeling alone wanting to flee.

    Our relationship has unfortunately changed
    I wish we could just rearrange.

    Things are so different.

    We are so different.

    Although we stand together right here
    losing you is a tremendous fear.

    I hope we stay friends forever
    I will always be here now or whenever.

  33. True or false,
    We hear’em.
    Through tv, computer, people, etc,
    And we believe’em.
    Perspective is important they say,
    but truth is they don’t care.
    As long as its interesting its ‘okay’.
    99% fact is enough they say,
    it is a fact.
    Dramatic, interesting, bias,
    spread the word of 99% proven truth.
    1% ain’t important,
    crush’em and throw’em away,
    1% ain’t help’in.
    That 1% can take away someone’s life I say,
    We need 100% facts.
    100% is impossible like perfection they say,
    99% is the closest we can get.

  34. What would I change about the world?
    I would wish that people were kind
    And would see the important things in everything
    Instead of focusing on one weak point
    And shape a person from just that one thing

  35. Global Warming.
    We are slowly killing off animals on the two ice caps of the world.
    Melting, melting.

    Using less coal and more of the 4 renewable energies,
    We can eliminate the warming of the earth.

    The ice will reform, and summers will be less hot
    No more 70 degrees in spring.

  36. I shuffle along the dirt paths
    Watching kids play soccer
    A ball made from plastic bags and twine
    My heart aches for them
    But not as much as my begging throat
    Young girls come with jugs towards me
    I trudge along with them
    My mind is on autopilot
    I’m ready to pass out from the heat
    Until I hear the splashing of the water
    100 yards away is a lake
    With the dirtiest water… I’ve ever seen
    To the right women wash clothes it in
    The young girls return with filled jugs
    I ask one of them if they drink this
    She doesn’t seem to understand me
    I point and make a drinking motion
    She nods and hands the jug to me
    I was so thirsty
    I held it up to my mouth
    And when I wake up I could taste the dirt

  37. I imagine a world without poverty,
    without hunger, without racism,
    without discrimination,

    a world without police brutality,
    without pollution, without slavery,
    without these things,
    the world would be a much better place.

    1. Hi Hayden! You technically summed up many of the world’s problems into one poem. Most of these are happening in the present, as we have different problems in the world then we did a hundred years ago.

  38. One world problem,
    global warming
    messes up species homes
    Imaging living in the arctic
    living on ice your whole life
    then comes to one day
    and your in the middle of no where
    floating on a thin piece of ice
    because the sun melted half of it

  39. I imagine a world without pain
    And fear all the time.
    I wish we could all just stop the fighting
    And senseless violence.

    I hope we can all stay safe
    And be with our loved ones.
    I pray for our world
    And ask for it to be a better place.

  40. Someone can be a great intellectual
    or is an extraordinary entrepreneur
    but when a country is being torn to pieces
    the people have had enough to endure.

    A person who is in the presidential office
    must learn how to control his emotions
    for when a mouth opens online or on national t.v.
    it’s hard to disregard all his notions..

    Yes, your mouth can get you in trouble
    with every little thing you have to say.

    You cannot only worry about yourself when talking
    but must also think about how it affects us too.
    It is especially critical when dealing with other countries
    so an accidental nuke isn’t set off, or maybe two.

    For while running a successful business shows
    ingenuity and determination,
    his irresponsibility and uncaring character appear
    when discussing his fence.

    So instead of having other world countries upset with us
    or perhaps might jump the gun and seek retaliation
    we need to slow down the recklessness and abandon
    and put heads together in serious mediation.

    I love our country
    and am a proud American
    but we need to band together now
    and not wonder how or when.

  41. One World Problem;

    People needing homes,
    People that can only roam,
    From place to place,
    Passing face by face,
    Needing a shelter.

    We could build shelters,
    We could be their helpers,
    We could provide them food and water,
    We could help them get back on their feet.

    Our world would have less people on the streets,
    And more people on their feet,
    Their lives will be so much better,
    If we just build more shelters.

    1. I can relate to you and how you feel about homeless people and how all they need is shelter and food and also just need a little food and to get back on their feet

    2. I think the heart of this poem is in the lines'” People needing homes, people that can only roam , from place to place, passing face by face,” becuase thats what people who are homeless are doing daily. These lines are just so real and true that you can’t’ miss them

    3. The stanza “our world would have less people on the streets, and more people on their feet, Their lives will be so much better, if we just build more shelters” got me thinking because I didn’t realize homelessness could have such a greater impact then just on the peoples it’s self. Homelessness is effecting are whole world.

  42. What is red?
    The blood of religious martyrs or
    the rose Taylor Swift got from her new boyfriend?

    What is orange?
    The skin of Donald Trump or
    the sunset on a beach?

    What is yellow?
    The streak of a bomb headed for you or
    the brightness of the sun filling your soul?

    What is green?
    The sight of it being exchanged daily outside your house or
    the grass in an ever rolling field ?

    What is blue?
    The people who are freezing or
    the ocean view from your apartment?

    What is purple?
    The bruises on her face from abuse or
    the purple of the night sky?

    What are colors?

    They shift and vary
    from event to feeling.
    Why are there so many objects for each,
    both bad and good.
    Depending on your perspective
    these colors mean different things.

    And the world should be unionized
    with the connotation of each color.
    One that is happy.

  43. Why are they invisible?

    She looks at you, you look at someone else
    Her heart is broken

    She knows that she isn’t pretty enough for you,
    Dosen’t have the greatest body,
    The best laugh
    Self esteem
    And you make it worse

    Why should she have to look the best if she already is the best
    For you
    That’s the thing, you don’t deserve her passion and trust
    She deserves someone that looks at her as if she is the only one in the room
    That here is no one more beautiful than her
    That she doesn’t have to look good to feel good
    But that won’t change
    It can’t change

    You say, ” I didn’t know”
    But you’ve seen her look at you
    You make fun of her, as if she’s a joke
    That she dosen’t desrve YOU
    Why should she want YOU
    Umm…Becuase the heart wants what it wants
    Even though it’s something the heart doesn’t need

  44. Why was she in so much pain?
    she felt like another unknown person in this world
    another being in this world
    another simple non important girl just wondering
    where she belongs
    who she is
    why she was here
    in this cruel cruel world
    she cried and cried
    looking out her window just wondering why
    she cried and cried
    taking all her pain out
    every single day she was in pain and she didn’t know why
    she blamed everything on herself
    she held in so much
    that when she tried to smile and laugh she couldn’t
    She tried to be strong but she could no longer
    keep things inside
    All this pain she had inside had to come out somehow
    and the only thing she could do is
    in her room where no one ever saw her
    she needed someone desperately
    to listen
    to care
    to love her
    to comfort her
    but that “someone” never came along
    she had to deal with things on her own
    get rid of the pain somehow
    become stronger somehow
    hide all the tears…somehow
    and whenever someone finally asked her how she is
    she said
    I’m fine or
    I’m doing good
    She could never look someone in the eye
    because if she did the ocean of tears would come out
    and there would be no way of controlling her then
    To this day
    she continues to hide her pain
    and can’t look people in the eye because
    it hurts and it damaged her that
    others eyes that look happy and joyful
    make her think of her old self
    the one that is still in her but can’t come out
    it is part of her
    that pain is part of her
    that is what made her…her
    so Imagine a world where people didn’t judge just because of how you look
    Imagine a world where people didn’t fall for “her” fake smiles
    a world where You didn’t have to hide all that pain
    but instead take it out and cry because
    It is okay to not be okay
    it’s part of this world and
    we are part of this world

    1. I think the part where you described the fish species being brought to ruin helps people understand how our wants can affect other organisms.

  45. Teamwork
    is what id like to see change
    if everyone worked together
    even if you are a different gender
    or age
    you can still make a difference
    we all just need to try
    even if we are different
    a group can make a bigger difference than just one
    lets become one

    1. Your point gets across really well especially at the part where you wrote “You can still make a difference we all just nee to try” because in the end the reason why there is so much difficulty in the world when it comes to working together is the fact that people don’t make an effort to do so.

  46. Poverty

    I walk the city streets of Boston.
    A man sits in the corner
    Holding a cardboard sign.
    “Seeking Human Kindness.”
    He’s seeking human kindness.
    No one leaves a dollar.
    No one seems to care.

    Just leave a dollar.
    Just one small dollar.
    Just open up your heart
    And show compassion.
    He’s in need.
    You have money to spare.
    There’s a connection.

    Five years later,
    He’s back on his feet.
    Working hard.
    Taking care of three small children.
    He’s the happiest he’s ever been.
    He owes it all to you.
    Just open up your heart.

  47. Sweet Agony
    What do you see when you look in my eyes?
    A freak?
    A nameless being?
    Or maybe simply another face in the endless sea of people.
    What do I see when I look at myself in the mirror?
    I see pain, laughter, tears, smiles, fatigue, and endless energy
    What do I do when the world I live in doesn’t know I am suffering?
    I feel the scars
    On my heart
    My arms
    My wrists
    And I think back to a time when I was truly alone
    Wandering the streets at night
    The sky dark and stormy
    With the cold rain pouring down on me
    It was like the sky was crying
    All the tears I was too afraid to shed myself
    That was a long time ago
    But I can still feel the sharpness of the blades
    Upon my soul
    My skin
    My heart
    Sometimes at night I sit up
    Stare out my window
    And cry,
    For all the pain I still sometimes feel
    I wonder if life is meant to be this
    This town
    These people
    These feelings
    I am like a caged animal
    Trapped inside bars
    Locked in,
    With no hope to escape
    To escape
    I scream
    But no one hears me
    I stand alone
    On my own little path of life
    That I have been on for as long as I can remember
    With a broken heart
    A broken soul
    And a broken mind
    Still I struggle on
    So that I may see beyond this world
    Of darkness and despair
    So I can see the world beyond
    Of love
    And happiness
    So here I stand
    A smile on my face
    Even though I am being torn apart from the inside
    I will continue to smile
    And feel
    And love
    And I will survive
    Survive till tomorrow
    So I can learn to trust again
    And this sweet agony
    That has been with me all my life
    Will be dispersed
    Become nonexistent
    No more

    1. Your poem is illuminating and I can feel the pain, however, I do see the light. I like your writing style.

  48. They can’t take the pain.
    Don’t you wish it would go away?
    They can’t hide their scars,
    That are written in their hearts.

    They take their lives away.
    They can’t stand another day.
    We all want to know the reasons why,
    So we can claim we didn’t know.
    And shake our heads at their flaws,
    As their lives waste away.

    There are people out hurting,
    Who dont know which way to turn,
    So they cut their lives short,
    Because they had no one to go to.

    1. I agree with Erin it really is important to notice and help those around us. Everyone can make a difference in someone’s life, positive and negative so let’s be positive.

  49. the tree which moves some to tears of
    joy is in the eyes of others only a
    green thing that stands in the way.
    some see nature all ridicule and
    deformity… and some scarce see nature
    at all. But to the eyes of the man of imagination

    nature is imagination itself.

  50. Wars across the world
    Murder from hate
    Hidden explosives

    Share a smile
    Respect others and their ideas
    Weapon bans
    Don’t hate

    No more racism
    No more terrorist attacks
    No more murder from hate
    Eternal peace

  51. They come in fleets
    With guns and bombs
    They don’t care if they die
    Their leader tells them what to do
    And then they all oblige

    What if they had kidness in their heart
    What if everyone was loved
    All we have to do is say
    Things that make people smile

    After awhile everything is good
    Sunshine and flowers everywhere
    Everyone is super kind
    No one’s sad, mean, or angry
    Everyone loves each other

  52. Unhonesy,

    People lie about their personalities
    All the time.

    But I see something different.

    Different shapes, sizes, colors, types
    Show personalities and feelings!
    No more lying,
    No more heartbreak,
    Lots of trust.

    1. I like how you started the poem and it was calm and then as you said, trump came along and everything is not calm

  53. Our treatment of other people.
    Imagine if everyone knew how it felt,
    imagine if everyone knew.
    what if
    it was you?

  54. We don’t have to fight
    We don’t have to hurt
    But we can help
    And we can comprimise

    We don’t haveto assume
    We don’t have to discriminate
    But we can learn
    And we can understand

    We don’t have to hate
    We don’t have to go with the flow
    But we can love
    And we can change the world

  55. Gloomy
    There are so many things wrong in a person’s life.
    But the comfort they need
    Isnt there.
    People all around are too immensed in their own lives.

    So look around.
    Look for someone
    That seems to be having the slightest bit of a bad day.
    Stop and smile,
    Or ask if there ok.
    Because the tiniest bit of kindness
    Can save the most of lives.

  56. Fear.
    Why don’t you do something
    It makes you think about turning back
    You could do so much more but it holds you back
    It changes how you act

  57. Racism,
    Why can people just get along,
    It’s just someones beliefs,
    Or religion,

    It’s not hard to get along,
    All it takes,
    Is a little love,
    To resolve our differences.

  58. Money means nothing,
    everyone stares at each other,
    Just not with disgust or thinking that you’re better than the next person,
    with equality with no envy or difference.

    If only we could change that,
    But thing is,
    We can,
    Be kind.

    If we do this now,
    If we treat each other with no inequality,
    If we treat each other with fairness,
    People will be happier.

  59. change
    why can’t other people help others?
    we are all human
    you should not be diffirent
    based on how much money you have
    what you look like
    how you feel
    or who you are
    we are all unique
    change the world

  60. cruelty
    people are the worst
    they’re mean
    they don’t think a lot of the times
    they judge people
    they’re full of hatred
    we are evil
    we hurt things without thinking
    we hurt each other without thinking
    we take for granted what’s given to us
    we don’t seem to listen
    we don’t seem to care
    we are the worst

    1. I like how you said that people are the worse because everything we do is hurting something one thing or another

  61. Hate
    Why is there so much hate
    In the world
    There is so much pain
    In this world
    That we fall silent to all the
    And Compassion
    In a simple hug
    When did we stop caring about
    All the good In this world?
    When did our main focus become

  62. Think of all the damage we’re doing to the earth
    Putting garbage in the recycling
    Creating pollution
    Damaging the world
    Just take a moment
    And try to think if you can do things a different way
    Do things in a way that could be better for the earth
    Take 6 extra seconds to determine whether or not it’s garbage or recycling
    If you see trash on the ground, pick it up and dispose it properly
    Decide if you can ride your bike and walk to the place you’re heading
    Try to do little things
    Better things
    It can’t fix the problems we’ve already done…
    But it’s still something to show that we care about our world

  63. Pain,
    one hits the ground,
    the cause, the purpose,
    what have they done?
    when young you were told to be yourself,
    but now,
    now you are told to be anything but yourself,
    when young someone who was different was cool,
    but now,
    now someone who is different is scary,
    xenophobes takeover,
    but it can be brought back,
    it can be restored,
    we can all be seen as equal,
    we can smile,
    fear can be vanquished,
    equality doesn’t have to be fictional

  64. Color and gender mean nothing
    We are all the same
    No matter who we are
    we are one
    born and raised
    If we stay together
    we can accomplish all
    So let’s hold hands and march
    Through this cruel world
    As we are

    1. I really like the part you said ” Color and gender means nothing,” because it’s true because we should respect everybody no matter what.

  65. I want you to look at me like you used to
    How yours eyes would light up when I walked into the room
    How a smile would form on your perfect face

    I miss you
    A lot
    I can’t focus anymore
    You always find a way to crawl into my thoughts
    Whether its 3pm or 4am
    I don’t stop thinking
    About you

    I want to be happy again
    I want to feel the way I used to
    Can we talk?
    Can we be us again
    Because I’m not sure how long
    I’ll be able
    To be apart from you

    You are my best friend
    You are my rock
    You are the reason why I wake up
    Come back to me

    1. I really like this poem and it was touching. I can tell this poem means a lot to you and it flowed really well. Great job!

    2. The part “I want you to look at me the way you use to” got me thinking about why the person looks at you different because it doesn’t mention why they look at you different.

    3. I can relate to when you asked “can we be us again,” because it made me think of when I wanted to be with someone again and feel the same way I used to feel with them.

    4. I noticed you used the technique of personification in the phrase, “You always find a way to crawl into my thoughts.” It enhance the poem because it helps you envision better.

    5. Your words”I want to be happy again, I want to feel the way I used to, Can we talk?Can we be us again?” really moved me because I just really felt what you were saying. It made me think that you wanted to go to how things were back then and I just really felt that want.

  66. Why is there hate?
    isn’t there enough to bate
    I need to know
    are we to late
    to stop the hate
    we stand in a world
    full of hate
    because of an
    we believe these
    stories everyone says
    but we can’t believe
    there is hate and
    it might be to late
    to stop the hate
    to stop means
    not to take
    take the bate
    take the hate
    take it late
    so we can’t stop the hate
    Can’t that word
    that means impossible
    can’t do this
    can’t do that
    that word starts with
    hate but you
    can’t take the bate
    you can’t take the hate
    you can’t be late
    or we will live forever
    in a world of

    1. This poem is very powerful, you sound bold when you wrote “I need to know, are we too late to stop the hate?” it is very true we do live in this world full of hate, hopefully some day people like you can change that.

    2. i think you did a great job when you used repetition an rhyming. like, ” stop the hate, can’t take the bate.’

  67. Everyone is a person,
    everyone has meaning,
    no one should fight,
    get mad.
    But we do.
    We get angry,
    we cry alone when we hide in our rooms,
    we want to kick,
    throw punches,
    But why feel this way separately?
    Why do we choose to be angry alone,
    or cry,
    Maybe we’re afraid that if we cry together,
    we will be weak.
    Maybe that’s why we have wars.
    People are too afraid to be angry together,
    so they are angry separately.
    They don’t talk,
    don’t communicate,
    unless it has to do with
    a war.
    So we all keep fighting,
    whether it’s across the sea,
    or with your best friend.
    Because we all are too afraid,
    to fight together.

    1. I can relate to when you said “Everyone has a purpose, everyone has a meaning”. I always have believed that people are meant to be in this world for a reason.

  68. Animals
    No rights
    Some even no care
    Kicked in the side
    No where to hide
    Praying for a new day
    Or even a drop of water
    From the sky
    The owners who beat them
    Finally leave them
    But not in the hands of care
    But in the arms of death
    No one can help
    Well maybe the lucky can find it
    Maybe we can even find them
    But it’s all in us
    To speak up for the unspoken and
    Make rights for the rightless

    1. I liked the line where you said “speak up for the unspoken” because I agree that we all need to stand up for each other when our friends or in this case animals are not able to do that themselves .

    2. The part where you said, “Speak up for the unspoken” got me thinking because we can talk for our animals and pets in a way that they can’t for themselves. It’s a very clever line that made me think of my own animals. Nice poem!

  69. We are living zombies
    We walk the streets confused
    But staring at a bright screen should fix it
    We have our headphones glued into our ears
    We have our sim cards wired inside of our head
    You know what the home screen feels like better than your loved ones
    Your ears are programmed to only listen to what comes out of your electronic
    You know your electronic better than you know yourself
    Your locked into the wifi like a high security vault
    There’s no way out
    You are already trapped
    Now we don’t even have to look up before knowing what’s going on in the world
    You now comfort your friends by sending them text messages
    But are they really meaningful?
    I feel like I have more real conversations on my phone than in person
    Am I becoming one of them?
    We were so ecstatic about all of this new electronics
    That we didn’t realize, this isn’t even real anymore
    Your living a technological life, but do you know it yet?
    Enjoy what’s around you
    Your phone doesn’t tell you how long you live

  70. It’s hard work they say
    It’s not fit for a girl they say-
    Women have uncontrollable power
    That men should not try to control.
    One man demands an answer
    While a woman has to create one.
    When I tell them my dreams,
    They say that’s made for a man.
    They don’t know that women have strength,
    Uncontrollable strength.

  71. Starving children
    sitting outside begging for food
    no one will give them a bite to eat
    many people starving
    many homeless
    there are people in this world
    who care and help out the people with very little things
    there are also people who only care for themselves
    those who care for everyone are people who would like to help out
    people are thankful to have them around
    no one should be treated differently
    everyone deserves to be treated equal

    1. Such a powerful topic that more attention should be brought to. You did an excellent job emphasizing the importance.

    2. I like where you said “everyone deserves to be treated equal” because it showed power in how everyone short or tall, big or small, noticed or unnoticed should be taken seriously and given the same privileges and rights as the other.

  72. What is a book?
    Lately I don’t know.
    I’m surrounded by foreign objects, like a nook.
    Where did traditional paper and ink go?
    We still use the quite a lot sure,
    but in the near future,
    “Electronic” might not be so premature.
    College students don’t buy textbooks now,
    at least not at a store.
    Now E-books arrived,
    and they’re getting bought more and more.
    So just buy a normal book,
    Something you can hold in your hand.
    We can stop this problem beforehand.

    1. I like the idea behind the poem because when you said “Now E-book has arrived” I felt like it was really mind baffling that people went from enjoying a good book and actually flipping the pages rather that swipe to flip the pages of there book

  73. Head down,
    ear buds in —
    no wi-fi but pretend
    a song
    a text
    so as not to look up.

    Head down,
    turn to the right
    how many times?
    Three numbers
    door opens
    look in
    so as not to look left.

    Head down,
    shuffling to class —
    what’s that on my Converse?
    oh right a smoothy spill in red–
    almost there
    so as not to look ahead.

    Imagine a morning
    in our school hallways
    when every
    would look up, left, and ahead
    and see
    maybe even
    “good morning.”

    1. i don’t completely agree with you Dr. Donovan cause i see a lot of people with their heads up

  74. Attacking others for their appearance.
    For something they can’t change.
    Everyone always says to look on the inside,
    but everyone knows this can be hard.

    It’s difficult not to judge others by what you see.
    We could definitely try to bring change, though.
    Because we, as not perfect, judge them as not perfect.
    There won’t be a difference right away,
    I know, but everyone can do a part.

    In years ahead, I won’t have to monitor every move
    I make in case of someone disapproving.
    In the years ahead, we won’t be placed in ranks
    and if you don’t make the cut, you’re suddenly isolated.

    1. Your poem conveys a strong message that most people do not ever address, even though it is prevalent in our society. I share your hope that one day we can live on our own terms.

  75. They have no rights
    No one thinks they should
    It’s considered at marveled heights
    and it can’t be understood

    But if you open your arms to their brains
    The very very smart ones
    Things could definitely change
    Over father and sons

    Not so far away though
    Is a place where they do
    Where their smarts they can show
    and it starts with you

  76. The problem,
    around the world,
    kids on the streets,
    going hungry,
    21,000 dying each day,
    from not getting enough,

    Feeding America,
    Feed My Starving Children,
    The Hunger Project,
    lend a helping hand,
    donate or volunteer,
    better the lives,
    of many others,
    with your support,

    Many years later,
    your service,
    improved numerous situations,
    Countless lives were saved,
    And many are happier

  77. We more than just a color
    But, who would ever know?
    We more than just a color
    How could we show?
    That we are people too
    With dreams and ambition
    For the rest of my life I’ll be on an endless mission.

  78. Power, Religion, and Money
    These are the three main causes of war.
    For thousands of years wars have been slowly killing us.
    Who is to stop us from not destroying ourselves with hate?

    Imagine a world where we were all the same.
    But that world would be extremely boring.
    That’s why we all have to respect our differences.
    Race, religion, color, shape, gender.
    We may all be different,
    But we are all still human.

    1. Nice job highlighting the importance of diversity. We need to understand that this a beneficial thing and we shouldn’t use it against us.

  79. A fall would have to come first before things changed.
    Then there would be winter, but no spring would follow.
    No flower would bloom, no bird would sing, no bees would buzz.
    Only the stench of death and heat would linger.

    By then, the deniers will be long gone.
    The missiles stopped, the threats were silenced.
    We would stand together against the enemy we created.
    And prepare for a long war.

    Through the smog and haze, we will fight.
    A war that does not create scars, but removes them.
    A war that does not use weapons, but the sun, the wind, and the sea.
    And, at the end of the tunnel, is a beautiful garden

    A world of green, a world of beauty, is at the end
    We have no casualties, theirs are hunger, poisoning, and extinction.
    The air is clean, the water is pure, the food is safe.
    Our home will be restored

  80. What is the perfect body?
    TV tells me to be curvy, but not too fat
    Models tell me to be skinny with flawless skin
    Society tells me to be tall, but not too thin
    But who should I listen to?
    The answer is me
    Short bodies
    Tall bodies
    Skinny bodies
    Fat bodies
    Light bodies
    Dark bodies
    And everything in between
    Are perfect bodies

  81. Diversified Fear

    Our fear
    of what is different,
    is eating us alive and
    destroying people,
    human beings who feel.
    We can accept different
    We can let
    others into
    And that’s what
    will keep us

  82. The threat of North Korea
    Oh Mama Mia
    Having bombs that could destroy for centuries
    And this poem is one of the scary entries

    We need to fight with love
    Not with bombs
    Represent with a dove
    And put down the wrongs

    A world of advancements
    A world of no wars
    No need for treatments
    Or a need for locked doors

    I tried rhyming.

    1. I love the effort and rhyming in this. When you said “WE need to fight with love” I got very interested. You are saying that we shouldn’t actually fight but we should accept and appreciate and that’s one way to approach these issues.

  83. what happened
    to “being nice” being
    the standard?

    what happened
    to not expecting to
    be rewarded when being a decent human being?

    this needs to change.
    it starts with you.

  84. We’re all made with the same elements
    We’re all human
    But why do humans treat other humans like aliens?
    Why can’t we go about this world seeking togetherness,
    Rather than seeking dominance?
    Why do we have the incessant need to catagorize?
    Why can’t we just be humane?
    We’re all humans.

  85. People don’t say thanks when you hold the door open for them.
    It’s a major issue.
    Nobody appreciates anything anymore.
    They just brainlessly stare at their phones.

    I’m bad at this.

  86. You know
    Maybe we wouldn’t have problems
    If everyone stoped worrying about
    What’s wrong with others
    And more of
    Trying to be kind

    1. I really enjoyed the message portrayed in this poem, “If everyone stopped worrying about what’s wrong with others and more of trying to be kind.” I think that everyone is too focused on others and this leads to all sorts of problems. We all need to just worry about ourselves.

  87. The sense
    of what really is,
    is slipping away
    from the people,
    the culture,
    the idea.
    We create illusions
    to compensate,
    and we force reality
    to remold itself
    to our will.
    Bring back
    the sense
    of what really is

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