Poem Nineteen: Pic Perspectives

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Inspiration: Often poets use images, paintings, or photographs to inspire writing. Today, pick one of these pics to spark your poem (or choose your own image and link to it). Consider one of these ideas to get you poem-ing:

  • Write the inner thoughts of a person or object in the image or who composed the image. Write from a growth mindset of what he or she is working through, figuring out about the world, patiently understanding through careful observation.
  • Tell the story of the image. What is happening?
  • Pick an object within the image and write from its perspective.
  • Personify a feeling, object, idea, from the image (e.g., like Hope, Shame, Love – as you did in Ms. Rittner’s writing class).
  • Use colors, sounds, smells, shapes, textures to make your words as vivid as the image.
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286 Replies to “Poem Nineteen: Pic Perspectives”

  1. As i’m walking down this crowded street
    I notice now a days technology is taking over
    I turn to my left someone on the phone
    I turn to the right someone is playing 8 ball
    I look at myself and realize i’m listening to music
    what happen to this generation

  2. My city is poor
    There is barely any food
    The only thing that makes the children feel better
    is dancing
    But what we have been through
    Dancing and family is the only thing
    That keeps us smiling during the day

  3. A am in New York
    I looked around me
    and people are focus on their work
    and I’m just minding my own business
    and listening to music

    1. A clever line is “A city where you can finally breath again” because this might be a city where it is in bad conditions and you feel like you can’t breath or think. Nice job

    2. The phrase “Millions of people, millions of opportunities, millions of laughs” got me thinking about people that live in the suburbs don’t really know how a city is because sometimes there is not enough opportunities for everyone and sometimes there is more tears than laughs.

    3. The emphasis on the word, millions, is really important here. When you imagine the enormity of everything and everyone involved, it is really intense. “City that is an escape”…perfect wording.

  4. Swoosh
    My paint brush smacks on a layer of blue
    A light shade of sky joins the mix
    I hurl a royal blue into a swirl
    White gets layered over
    More deep blue on

  5. The Night Sky
    As it turns night,
    and the town settles down,
    all that’s left, is the stars and the moon.
    They shine bright,
    Illuminating the night sky.
    They keep shining, shining, shining,
    until at last day comes.

  6. As the cold, blue, and windy night rained,
    the town was mesmerized by the sky.
    Mesmerized by the beautiful blue of the sky,
    the stars shining causing the city to illuminate,
    but mostly the moon it was the most radiant out of all ,
    not only did it also light up the town, it was in a magnificent shape.
    It curved and bent in the middle of the sky,
    but the best thing is to look at the sky at the top of the castle.

    1. The phrase “the stars shining causing the city to illuminate” got me thinking about me actually in there,because your words are so in depth that it feels like i am actually inside the painting.Well said to be honest 🙂

    2. I noticed the metaphor you used “the was mesmerized by the stars” because if something like that happened in real life everyone would be mesmerized

    3. i like how you wrote ” mesmerized by the sky.” it was good use of a metaphor and it was descriptive.

  7. Picture #5

    I sighed as I once again tried to scrape the stubborn stain,
    off the small kitchen counter.
    Of course this had to happen,
    on the day of the office inspection,
    of the whole building.
    The bottle of stain remover
    smelled as if it had been on the shelf for centuries.
    It probably had.
    I had one job,
    clean this place up before the safety inspector gets here.
    Two seconds later,
    I see the stain.
    I was lost in my thoughts until
    i dropped the bottle of stain remover.
    Being the companies janitor is the worst.

  8. crowded
    I don’t wanna be here
    i feel like a sardine surrounded by so many like me
    but this is my only option
    to get where i want to go
    I don’t know anyone here
    but on second thought i don’t think i want to
    i just wanna get to my destination
    not be buried in these distractions

  9. A night time sky
    Filled endlessly with mixtures of indigo, lavender, and everything in between
    With the moon that shines all over the town, the only light, besides the un-natural kind that creeps from everyone’s windows
    Swirls of color above, like a galaxy, with the tiny glows of the stars peeking through
    Perhaps one of the most beautiful things mother nature could ever create

    1. I enjoyed your use of imagery in this poem. I knew exactly what you were talking about without even seeing the picture.

    2. I like how you described how the painting looks in your point of view. I also like how you wrote how the picture felt to you.

  10. Wind swirls
    Stars gleam
    The silent night overhead
    The night sky, like waves
    The stars
    The moon
    Lighting the town
    in a silver mist
    no other lights
    Just the warm glow of the night.

  11. I look around me,
    people rushing,
    To get to their destination,
    On their phone,
    Looking at their feet,
    Hands in their pockets,
    Waiting to cross the street,
    Hurrying to get on the,
    7:20 a.m train,
    Or on the CTA bus

    Leaving people to drown,
    In their work,
    But I,
    On the other hand,
    Concentrate on the music,
    That keeps on beating,
    And gives me a break from the whirlwind

    1. I really like your work and it felt really real and like I was there and I also like how descriptive you were and details that you used were great

    2. Right away in the beginning I found out what picture you were doing because “I look around me,
      people rushing”.

  12. The music sinks in.
    I could care less abut what is happening around me.
    I just go with whatever happens.
    I walk down the street.
    Nothing matters.

    1. I appreciate that you took time to write a poem on something that not enough attention is brought to. That perfect moment when nothing else in the world matters and your heart is content.

    2. I can relate to the part “The music sinks in. I could care less about what is happening around me.” because sometimes music is your escape from whatever issue you have. You just forget what is happening around you.

    3. i can relate to the part “The music sinks in. i could care less about what is happening around me” because i get distract from the music i listen to and i really don’t care what is going on in the world.

    4. I can relate to the line you said which was ,”The music sinks me In” because when the music is so good you just feel the music it conforms you in a way.

  13. The stain.
    So stubborn, can’t get it out!
    Guess I’ll have to use double.
    I wish I could use magic.
    The stain lifter won’t pour!
    Oh, there’s a seal.

  14. His hands are caked,
    With sticky pumpkin insides,
    His smile is almost bigger,
    Than the one he craves in the pumpkin,

    The boys happiness floats,
    To his father,
    As they build their relationship,
    Which will last a lifetime.

  15. Banana
    a big, yellow stuffed banana
    looks like
    a banana
    smells like
    sounds like
    gym shoes squeaking on the floor
    feels like
    A stuffed animal
    I wonder what it tastes like

  16. Walking,
    you hear no one talking
    your feet step to the beat
    walking up and down the street of sadness.
    it puts you in a mood,
    you almost dont know what to do with these feelings.
    It just hits you
    takes the smile off your face,
    makes you wonder if your really meant for this place.

  17. The poor children stare,
    their hungry eyes desperate for something to eat.
    They watch as the people pass by,
    hoping they have something to spare.

    They stand like this all day,
    hungry, cold, afraid,
    sometimes they move,
    sometimes they don’t.

    The poor children stare,
    hoping they have something to spare,
    hoping they will get something,
    hoping they will make it to tomorrow.
    They watch as people pass by,
    hoping, watching, waiting.

    1. I really enjoy all the details you put into this, this writing piece is AMAZING!!
      Good job,:)

  18. (Cringe, Cringe, Everywhere, But no further than this poem.)

    Kitten hugging a pillow
    Kitten hugging a
    Kitten hugging
    Kitten hug
    Kitten scratch
    Kitten scratching
    Kitten scratching people
    Kitten scratching people’s
    Kitten scratching people’s face
    Kitten scratching people’s faces
    Dead bodies piled around
    The kitten

    1. Boi. This is good. I like how face and faces are on separate lines like the people have one face but multiple faces. I also like how the end just has dead bodies presumed to be put there by the cats. It’s funny.
      Cringe Rating: Lower than the Mariana’s Trench

    2. first of all this is not cringe!!! i absolutely love, simple sentences with only 2 words and then read it all together, it makes one big story telling poem. When you said “the kitten” it was almost like the poem had more to it and left you at a cliffhanger.

  19. Stars,
    looking over the sleeping town in the night,
    colors swirling around me from all over the sky,
    I can hear the hushed snores of the sleeping villagers,
    All the lights are off except for my friends and I,
    We light up the sky and illuminate the darkest parts of the night,
    The swirling wind whistles through the tall trees,
    And knowing that in a hour or so,
    We will go back behind our curtain in the day,
    The sun and people will awaken,

  20. An invisible veil falls from the sky
    wrapping itself around me–
    an embrace
    quieting street sounds
    dissipating auto exhausts
    blurring eyes and brows.
    I am in another world.

    The embrace turns to a squeeze
    too tight,
    losing light

    Battery dead.
    I look up to see eyes once again.

    1. The phrase “Battery dead. I look up to see eyes once again” got me thinking about modern life habits and how everyone is always on either a cellphone, console, TV or PC, because the previous lines didn’t hint at the whole “Electronic battery dead” idea, but that would apply to someone over-using their electronics.

  21. Carving a pumpkin is fun
    but with his family is more fun
    spending time with family is better than anything
    this is one memory that they will both remember
    and something that the kid will be proud of

  22. People walking
    A women is distracted
    She is not talking to anyone around her
    She is too busy using her phone
    Her phone basically took over her
    She doesn’t want to do anything
    Besides using her phone

    1. A clever line is “She doesn’t want to do anything
      Besides using her phone” because it shows how Anit-social the world is now, and how everyone is attached to a device.

    2. I like how you added “Her phone basically took over her. She doesn’t want to do anything besides using her phone.” because in a way it kind of added a message to your poem.

    3. WOW, what an awesome job:) this looks real good, i like all the effort that was put into this, GOOD JOB!amigo

  23. staring at my phone trying to find out what song to listen next
    ignoring all the messages i have.
    Walking to the store ,
    do you know when the cars are gonna pass?
    can you hear it?
    because your to focused on your phone instead of focusing of whats around you.

    1. A clever line is , “Because your to focused on your phone instead of focusing on what’s around you”, because I believe it was a piece of advice, that left your readers thinking about their phone use, and what is going around them.

    2. The phrase “because your to focused on your phone instead of focusing of whats around you.” got me thinking because now everyone has some form of technology and we’re so focused in the virtual word that we don’t notice anything that is going on in life or the world around us.

    3. The phrase I really like is “because you’re too focused on your phone instead of focusing on what’s around you.” I really like this because I think it is a big issue in our world and needs to be addressed.

  24. I can’t stand these voices
    All these people
    All the laughing
    I live in misery
    This street feels like it’s on going
    My headphones draw out the sound
    I can feel my feet hitting the ground
    They have all been found
    I feel like I have been lost
    I am everywhere around
    Yet they don’t notice
    My frustration is screaming loud

    1. I like how you take a character so bland looking on the outside and make her so intriguing on the inside by saying “My frustration is screaming loud” even though she has a blank face and is just playing on her phone.

    2. I like all the emotion you use like the part it says” My frustration is screaming,” because it allows me to feel the emotion you are trying to use in the poem and you used personification to tell the readers.

  25. Music
    Soothing sounds
    The lyrics speaking
    The meaning to the song
    Brings happiness, sadness, madness?..
    Makes you want to dance (even though you can´t)
    Makes you want to brake something
    Helps you concentrate
    Calms you down
    Without music the world would be dull

    1. I noticed you used the technique of end rhyming in the phrase, “Brings happiness, sadness, madness?” It is effective because it describes the song in a way that you can remember because of the rhyme.

    2. the part where you said “without music the world would be dull” made me think about how simple things in life (like music) really do make the world a different place and it’d be so weird without it.

  26. 3rd picture

    the cat is had one of the longest days of his life .
    the 2 people that are behind him had just bought him
    they played with him all day and he’s tired asl and his just chilling with the banana

  27. I walk
    people talking all around me.
    I listen
    music trying to drown out the noise of rushing cars and city life.
    I feel
    pushing and shoving from the large mob of people who surround me.
    I am walking
    trying to figure out where to go.
    As I continue I think to myself
    these people are like me
    the only difference is some have a purpose
    where as I can’t stay focused.

    1. I agree with your poem, the city is a very loud and bustling place. When I travel downtown, I can see lots of people just listening to music from their phone. Line 4, which says “music trying to drown out the noise of rushing cars and city life” is very descriptive; I can just hear that in my mind.

  28. Walking through the crowd
    Trying to get to the places she needs to be
    Plugs in her headphones
    To block out the sounds around her
    Ignoring the occasional push and shove
    From the people around her
    Just trying to get through
    Almost there
    Someone stops her
    Pulls out her headphones
    And says
    “Listen very carefully…”

    1. When you wrote “ignoring the occasional push and shove” I though to hallways in school where people focus mostly on the people they walk with and where they are going. Not to you an if you are trying to get some where. I am guilty of this and I can think of times were people did this to others.

    2. I love the line where you said “someone stops her, pulls out her headphones, and says “listen very carefully” because I agree with you that if you block out everything and dont look at what is happening around you than you could miss a big opportunity to live life with happiness and emotion.

  29. I picked the picture of all does kid that looked homeless. I picked the picture because I just feel bad for all does little kids that don’t have no where to live.The thing i think its happening in the picture is that the little kid are just looking for help of for people to give them some food.

  30. Walking,
    are the distractions getting to you?
    has your vision interrupted?
    are they straight forward paths?
    are you truly safe?
    those around you,
    where do their eyes linger?
    isn’t the media is out of hand?
    your brain is wandering isn’t it?
    the truth is distant, no?
    is it quite a difficult concept?
    can you grasp it with ease?

    1. I noticed how you described everything that,s going on in the scene and not just the phone or just what you see.

    2. Your poem really moved me as you ask questions like “Happiness, can you grasp it with ease?” I never really considered how everyday life isn’t as satisfying as it could be. When you describe what it’s like for an average person walking down the street, you really show how difficult life can be at times, and how hard it can be to feel happy. And when you ask if happiness is easy, you really open everyone’s eyes so they can realize that you should live up to the full potential of life.

  31. Hugging my yellow banana shaped pillow
    I got bored
    I wanted attention
    I got up and went on his lap
    purring waiting to get more attention
    right when I thought he was going to pet me he set me down and walked away
    I went to my masters lap
    but she only did the same
    leaving me alone
    in this empty boring room

  32. I ride my bike along the bike trail at 7pm
    The sky had fluffy clouds that almost seemed like moving sheep across a light blue ocean
    The sky wasn’t only blue
    but also had green, purple, and even some red and orange swirled around
    as the sun began to set
    birds chirped and their loud voices echoed
    Children nearby were laughing and playing games
    In the winter
    You couldn’t really see how the grass was so green and flowy
    And you weren’t able to see the skies rich colors
    Summer was coming closer
    As I rode my bike I could feel a cool breeze sweep over me
    Once I was home
    I couldn’t wait to go again tomorrow
    I couldn’t wait till the 4th of July came around
    To see all the spirals of color spreading across a night sky
    And to see fireflies dance like stars

    1. I noticed you used the technique of a simile in the phrase “The sky had fluffy clouds that almost seemed like moving sheep across a light blue ocean”; it’s effective because it really gets me to imagine how the sky actually looked.

    2. First of all, I loved how you changed the setting of your poem and made it into a story. I thought that “to see fireflies dance like stars” was a clever line that brought the poem to life and made the reader connect to their own experiences.

  33. picture #2
    Im shy
    I dont like making eye contact
    Or talking to others
    I keep my head down as i walk
    Hearing the cars zoom by and the wind blowing my ponytail around
    I look at my phone
    While others look at me
    I hurry up
    And get to work

  34. I look towards my window
    as the wind is blowing the curtains
    the sky is so dark
    and beautiful stars are out
    the moon keeps rising up
    I think to myself what an enchanting night

  35. i was staring at them
    waiting for them to move
    but they never did
    i laid as flat as a log
    waiting for them to move
    a nearby neighbor walked by
    as i waited for them to move
    the “starry night” was glittering colors galore
    as i waited for them to move

  36. If you see yourself walking in a crew of people you don’t know
    you might not be smiling
    but when you see the person who can brighten up your days
    you smile
    but that person doesn’t seem to notice the reason for your happiness
    so the sadness come crawling back to you.

    1. I can relate to the part where you said “all the sadness come crawling back” because so many people are sad right now and they way they talk about themselves makes you think that the sadness never left.

  37. 1st Picture
    Looking out into the city
    I try to find my house
    I just don’t see it
    Ill keep looking
    I finally see the roof

  38. Once a girl, now a guy
    Or once a guy, now a girl
    Crossdressing has its own world
    In the realm of cosplay.
    Have a favorite anime guy,
    But happen to be a girl?
    Well you’re in luck!
    Crossdressing is your spot!
    So then you can be that guy with curls.
    Happen to be a gy?
    Well don’t you cry!
    It works vice versa too!

    1. I like how you chose to write about such a touchy subject for the LGBT community by talking about there being an activity to make them happy by saying “Cross-dressing has its own world”, “Have a favorite anime guy, But happen to be a girl”, “Happen to be a guy? dont cry! it works vice versa too” this supports it by you asking a question then answering it.

  39. I wish.
    I wish upon a bright moon.
    I wish.
    That it won’t leave.

    A beanstalk comes to life,
    Towering over a small little village.
    Resting under the security of the dark, silent night.
    The village sparkles,
    So bright,
    Flecks of the light splashes across the night sky.

    Stepping back,
    I look out at a neighborhood,
    And dull.
    And wish to be anywhere but here.

    1. Your words “I wish upon a bright moon” because I really like how you make the reader picture how everything looks and I love how you added something from nature to your poem. I also like when you said “Flecks of the light splashes across the night sky.” it really helps the reader picture whats going on. So instead of writing “The night sky” you went into more detail and were more specific.

    2. When you wrote ” Flecks of the light splashes across the night sky,” it showed movement and was a great sensory sentence in your writing. It helped me in creating a vivid image in my mind of the light in the sky.

  40. I am the book
    Worn and old
    Torn, ripped, wasted
    Read millions upon millions
    Nearly gone
    I am the book

    1. When you wrote down ” read millions upon millions” I can relate to that because I would often read a book over and over again until its really worn down.

    2. I noticed tha you wrote your poem in the perspective of the book. I also like how you said, “read millions upon millions nearly gone” it got me thinking of how old the book really is.

  41. The stars shine bright
    A blurry aurura of light
    It is a windy day
    Blowing all your tears away
    A mountain stands tall
    Not about to fall

  42. I lay down in the dew filled grass
    morning light fills my eyes
    then they come
    to get us ready for
    the picture to show us
    we line up
    in a row
    in our best dressed clothes
    to have a picture taken
    to show we
    are okay

    1. Until I read “I lay down in the dew filled grass” I had never considered explaining in this way to help the reader picture what’s going on. Now I see that in my future poems I could add more detail about how things look instead of just pointing something out. Great job!

  43. im tyron and im a cat the y took me to this weird place it was a house with lots of toys i was so happy i was playing all around the house and i met a bannana and i couldn’t and it was my favorite i hug it and i did int let go and i love it and i kept it

  44. picture #2
    i see them walking with the phones on and headphones on
    they see cars coming the don’t care they just keep walking
    they don’t talk to each other they call each other when they are next to each other
    just to say hello and then hang up
    they make no eye contact they don’t leave there technology for a second

    1. the phrase ” i see them walking with the phones on and headphones on they see cars coming they don’t care they just keep walking ” got me thinking about how phones are becoming a problem because people are not paying attention where they are walking and accidents happen.

  45. Laying down
    Looking up at the sky
    Seeing the dark blue sky
    Hearing the wind softly
    Seeing the bright stars glow
    Its so peaceful

    1. when you wrote ” its so peaceful” i felt relaxed because it basically put me in a calm mood for a moment.

      1. i can relate to the part when you where telling us you where just laying down looking up at the sky because i went sledding and was getting bored so i laid on my tube and watched the snow fall

    2. I can relate to your whole poem because over spring break, a couple years ago, I was in a scenery very similar to your poem. Also, your words “Hearing the wind softly, Seeing the bright stars glow,” really moved me because I felt like I could actually hear the wind and I could close my eyes and see the bright stars glow.

    3. When you wrote “Hearing the wind softly” I felt like I was sin the place you were describing or in the painting because it was a great way to so that there is motion in the piece of art. I really like how you also said “seeing the bright stars glow” because it was a really good way to show some more descriptiveness.

  46. Staring at my phone screen
    ignoring everything around me
    there is a car coming by
    can you see it..no
    can you hear it.. yes because you don’t have your ear buds
    all you need to do is put your phone down
    because you’ re crossing the street they’ re cars coming

    1. i like this because kids are always on there phones.And they never really see whats happening around them

  47. A star athlete but many’s 11:11 wish
    A person who’s life has detailed thoughts
    Begging to be unfolded
    A guy who’s as sensitive as a brick
    One sport that calls him among others occupies his whole life
    A person who can’t be read only told
    A person more amazing than anyone
    A person
    With feelings too
    Not heartless but not heartful
    A person
    with potential to reveal even more details.

    1. You got my heart when you were repeating “a person” and then “a person with potential” — love how you have just the words “A person” on a couple lines to really emphasize the individual.

  48. (2nd picture)
    focus at girl and only the girl
    can you see the pain in her face
    but nobody cares right
    everybody just caring about themselves
    don’t focus on other people in the picture
    then you’ll see the pain
    you will never know what’s wrong if you try little bit more.

    1. Oooh, the part about pain hits me hard. “then you’ll see the pain” — we do carry this around, and yet we just don’t seem to see it anymore. Are we desensitized to the pain of others?

    2. Your words-” everybody just caring about themselves”- really moved me because that’s what most people do they don’t have a good heart they just care about themselves. Then in the poem it says-“then you’ll see the pain”- so understand someone to know there pain.

  49. 2nd picture:

    Crowed streets of the city
    people of all places
    free to do what they want
    beautiful surroundings
    I decide to look down at my phone
    isolating myself from others
    My mind drifts off into my own thoughts
    Ignoring all senses around me

    1. Sometimes we do search for ways we can be alone together . You got me thinking here (logos) with the idea of how we “drift” and “isolate.” I think I do that.

    2. The phrase “beautiful surroundings” got me thinking about how much we miss in everyday life because we’re distracted by technology. Maybe on the bus when your on your phone you could look out the window instead and see something new like different slogans on a sign or a squirrel in a tree.

  50. everyone has a journey
    they are living their life
    and their are obstacles
    that you might
    might not
    face alone but you have to always
    no matter how hard
    how tired
    drained you are
    you always have to continue

    1. Ooh, I hear your writing skills here — “living their life and there are obstacles that you might” the “life” and the “might” are one line apart, but the rhyme adds a musical quality to your beautiful poem encouraging us to “continue.” Love, love it.

    2. When you wrote I ” No matter how hard, how tired, drained you are, you have to always continue.” I felt a bit of motivation. I needed to hear that today to keep myself going, because a lot of times, its hard.

  51. http://littlegreenblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/man-cleaning.jpg
    (Picture number 5)
    Ughhh i wake up as i am blinded by the sudden light
    there is a silhouette walking towards me
    then all of a sudden i am hoisted to his level
    a strange liquid pours all over my body
    i am defenseless
    i am scared
    all of a sudden he stops…
    i am inside a mechanism
    i see fellow utensils
    they are in shock as well
    then the mechanism starts
    and i fear for death itself…
    (pov of the man)
    Ughhh i hate doing the dishes
    so tedious and boring
    finally its over
    time to relax.

    1. This is so skillful and creative, WIlliam. I was all off balance in the beginning, figuring out the point of view, and then, your vivid language “liquid pours” and the pronoun “my” made me finally get that “aha” moment. Loved how you created an experience in this poem by playing with perspective.

  52. As the sun set on the African plains, and night raises.
    The birds soaring throughout the skies, dispersing throughout the tall grass.
    and the trees swaying back and forth, back and forth.
    it all has a soft feel, but yet something does not yet seem at peace.
    It was like a roaring storm was about to roll in,
    destroying everything in its way, causing chaos.
    But that is what paints a picture in my mind how about you?

  53. In the crowd I lose all focus
    My phone drags me in
    It tells me to keep my eyes peeled for a new text message
    It tells me the world doesn’t matter
    No one else matters
    Just keep looking at the screen
    Ignore the smell of freshly baked bread
    Ignore these people surrounding you
    Did you even know that these people are yelling at you
    To not walk into the traffic
    When your phone gets taken by the crowd
    You have the feeling of being lost
    Unaware of where you are and how you got there

    1. This was a really deep poem, it is very true in today’s society what you said, “In the crowd I lose all focus, my phone drags me in, It tells me to keep my eyes peeled for a new text message”. I can relate to this because a lot of time I will look down at my phone and when I look up I have no idea what is going on.

    2. I can relate to the part “My phone drags me in” because sometimes I am on my phone not paying attention to anything else. Nice Poem!

    3. I understand why people are always asking people to get off their phones and go outside after reading your poem because when you said, “Did you even know that these people are yelling at you” it made me realize that people are always on their phones and they don’t pay attention to the real world

    1. After reading your poem, I see humanity in a different way. For example, the phrase “preposterous. senseless. Who have we become?” shows how there is another side of humanity than not everyone sees

    1. Skillful use of the prefix “un” to show the lack of, the loss of, the absence. Powerful.

  54. everyone has a journey
    they are living their life
    and their are obstecals
    that you might
    might not
    face alone but you have to always
    no matter how hard
    how tired
    drained you are
    you always have to continue

  55. My dad,
    he showed me how to ride a bike,
    he taught me how to be tough,
    he showed me how to laugh at scary things,
    he taught me to be straight-forward with my thoughts and opinions,
    he told me it’s okay to have emotions,
    he stays strong even when it gets hard,
    he doesn’t break when he sees me struggle,
    at least,
    he doesn’t look like it.
    When I was little,
    he showed me how to carve a pumpkin.
    Something small,
    But even though it was a meaningless thing,
    he would put all his effort into it.
    I had made an unoriginal jack-o-lantern,
    but he had carved a wolf,
    howling at the moon.
    He showed me that,
    even though things may seem small,
    if you put effort into the small things,
    something amazing happens.

    1. Love the lines “he had carved a wolf,/howling at the moon.” This is so vivid and show the possibility of what we can create.

  56. I see blue
    I see yellow
    I see white
    and many other colors
    and moving in there own special way
    they make me feel calm
    and in trusted
    makes me want to start drawing
    so that I can show my own emotion and talent
    and change the blank sheet of paper before me into something special.

    1. Lots of skill in this poem, using words to create movement within — I see repeats and moves our eyes down the poem and then the “swirl” takes us from the lines to curves.

    2. I can relate to where you wrote “Makes me want to start drawing so that I can show my own emotion and talent” because sometimes looking at art, of which has a deep meaning, makes me want to draw something and put my own meaning and purpose into it to share how I view things.

  57. Looking down at my phone
    Ignoring everything around me
    Nothing will happen to me
    How do you know that
    I’m plugged into my phone even though I’m walking across the street
    I can still hear
    Are you sure?
    I can still see
    Are you sure?
    I can still smell
    Are you sure?
    I can still walk without bumping into to people
    Are you sure?
    How do you know that?
    Someone just screamed to move out the way in your ear and you just stood there
    So, you can see?
    Can you see the guy that just pushed that girl over
    Or how about that guy that stepped on your foot
    You can smell?
    Did you smell the smoke from the house across the street?
    Or the girl the was selling hot dogs
    Did you smell those?
    You just bumped into an old man
    Knocking him over onto a bench
    Maybe you should get off your phone and focus on what’s around you
    Someday it will come back to haunt you

    1. The phrase “ignoring everything around me, nothing will happen to me,” got me thinking about myself and how I can relate to this because this phrase has different kinds of personal meanings to me like insecurities and confidence.

    2. The repetition of the rhetorical question “are you sure?” is a powerful technique adding doubt and then sort of a certainty as the poem goes on.

  58. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjKtI-31rDTAhXI5oMKHck9CFwQjRwIBw&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.cnn.com%2F2016%2F12%2F02%2Fworld%2Fgallery%2Fyear-in-pictures-2016%2F&psig=AFQjCNFRgxUG0sCyEZ6q7bRvRB_R4Uj7TQ&ust=1492696579341234

    Is it a frog or a toad but whatever it is , its life is about to suck
    If it doesn’t escape fast enough im going to say yuck
    Was the bird hungry or just yearning
    According to jumper he wanted to start learning
    it jumped and it bumped
    until the bird open that big beak
    it flew across didn’t open its eyes ,not even to peak
    the bird was probably old, so its life wasn’t sold
    After making it he felt like a pot of gold

    1. The rhyming adds a playful quality to the poem; and I like the allusion to luck with “a pot of gold.”

  59. It was another long day in the shelter until,
    Someone came and peeked in my cage.
    I was very scared,
    Since people haven’t looked at me since I got here.
    She took me out of the cage
    And after some petting,
    She brought me to another person.
    A few minutes later,
    They put me in there car.
    They already had a bunch of blankets,
    And cat toys,
    Which freaked me out.
    They talked to me in really high pitches until we finally stopped.
    They got me out of the car and told me,
    “Welcome to your new home, Fluffy!”
    They really named me THAT?!?
    I could worry about that later,
    Because now I finally have a home!
    After playing with them for a very long time
    I decided to take a nap.
    I looked around for a blanket to cuddle or something
    But I found a banana toy to snuggle
    Holding on to it tight,
    I finally fell asleep
    Dreaming about how amazing those people are.

    1. This is so clever with the perspective and anthropomorphism — love the line “they named me THAT”.

    2. I really like the last line, ” Dreaming about how amazing those people are”. It makes me think about my friends and family and how great they are. I should treat them better.

  60. “The 4th picture”
    I am a pumpkin
    A son and a father have chosen me from the fields
    They will cut me and scoop out my guts
    They will make interesting designs and give me a face
    They will put me outside and stick a candle in me
    I will scare the little kids as they walk by on Halloween night
    I have waited all my life for this moment
    My cycle is complete
    I am a jack-o’-lantern

    1. I can relate to the part “A son and a father have chosen me from the fields” because I remember going out with my dad to the pumpkin patch and having the time of my life. I also really enjoy that you changed the perspective and you were the pumpkin. Great Job Chris!

    2. I like how you gave a perspective of the pumpkin like when you said “I will scare the little kids as they as they walk by on Halloween night”.

  61. I see everyone’s beauty & darkness
    i know they all see me,
    i can see them,
    i wonder if anybody going threw hard stuff right now,
    i wonder if they ever lost a parent
    i wonder if they’ve ever heard “she ain’t worth it”
    i wonder if they would judge me for my past,
    if they only knew my reasons for everything they would keep their mouth shut.

    1. I can relate to when you said “I see everyone’s beauty and darkness” because I can see it too. When you wrote “I wonder if they would judge me for my past” I felt sad because nobody should be judged for their past. If you are different now than you were then, then you shouldn’t be judged based on the person you were. You should be seen as the person you are now.

    2. So beautiful, Christina! The anaphora of “I wonder” is a skillful technique to show how little we actually know about one another!

    3. This is really interesting! makes me want to know more about you. I liked the part when you said ” i see everyone’s beau

  62. 7th picture

    They look happy
    They look excited
    Why did the person take a picture of the kids
    Why does the teacher have a strawberry costume on
    Are they getting ready for a play
    Or do they have free time

  63. in image 4

    the father and son
    as the son was telling the father every single joke
    trying to make him laugh
    as the father laughed
    the father played with his son
    they laughed and played all day
    and made a lot of art.

    1. your words-” as the son was telling the father every single joke” really moved me because every father would love the moment of his life, i would love living that moment. the words are strong because it would get everybody in their feelings,by just knowing their son or daughter is trying to fun.

    2. the phrase that got me thinking about was that the father was being creative because maybe the kid was not inspire on the pumpkin untill i read the part that the father was making jokes an laughed
      and they where making art

  64. (2nd) picture
    All I do now is listen to music and be on my phone
    If I need to check the weather I check it on my phone
    Can’t solve a problem I don’t worry I have my phone
    Instead of focusing on other things I focus on the screen
    When im on my phone I forget about the real world

    1. I can relate to the part were you said “cant solve a problem i don’t worry i have my phone” because when i have a problem i forget about it when im on my phone.

    2. The phrase that got me thinking about is when you said “when i’m on my phone i forget about the real world” because mostly everyone is too busy using our phones or electronics and we don’t even pay attention to the important things in the outside.Its just mostly about being on social media, no one has fun anymore.

  65. 4th picture.
    ahhhh What is that daddy?
    “Don’t be scared baby, I got chu!”
    so don’t be boo, and not let it get you.

  66. 2nd picture

    A noisy street,
    everyone is minding their own business
    they are doing different things
    different music they are hearing
    different ages
    different heights
    different things on their mind
    different things they are staring at
    different people
    they are all human
    everyone their is different in their own way,
    but they are still humans,
    no one their is a threat or doing any harm
    no one is being judged
    they are humans
    and it’s still a noisy street

    1. Love this poem, Cesar. The anaphora of “different” emphasizes how we are all individuals sharing this space together and yet we are the same because of our humanity. The noise — as you end the poem — may be what keeps us from noticing one another.

  67. The Carving a pumpkin picture:
    Pumpkins point of view

    As I get carved
    A couple of eyes
    A nose
    And a big smile
    As my smile is being carved
    The little boy looks down on me
    With a big cheesy smile
    And a little drool
    I was complete
    Making that boy happy was all worth the pain
    The pain of getting cut open
    But we both ended up
    With smile’s

    1. I can relate to the part “making that boy happy was all worth the pain” because sometimes I do things that don’t make me happy just so I can make someone else happy. I care more about other people than I care for myself so I want to see people happy.

  68. The Night sky is light and dark.
    Light is bright and shows life.
    Dark stands out in the light and makes it beautiful.
    Light and dark work together always.
    It’s a pretty thing.

  69. Picture #3 (The Cat)

    Mind of the cat:

    Why are you smiling?
    Leave me alone, i want to play with this odd shaped toy!
    What do you want?
    Why do you have a camera?
    I want to sleep with this nice, soft and cozy toy, so leave alone!
    I will scratch you.
    I’m not afraid to do it.
    Oh my god, stop taking pics of me!
    Mind of the person:

    “Look at you!”
    “You’re a cute kitty aren’t ya?”
    “Yes you are!”
    “I’m gonna save so pictures of you playing with that banana!

  70. (6th picture with the kids)
    It all started okay
    I never really thought life would be like this
    I could see all their faces
    why would we not be
    If you had to run for your life and try to survive
    They made us line up
    No order just a line
    I held on to my friends hand
    All I wish is that we make it out alive

    1. When you wrote ” all i wish is that we made it out alive”. I left like it was deep and its true because there are situations that you’re in where you start feeling that maybe these or your last moments. And i liked how you based your poem, on what the kids were thinking or what they might be feeling.

    2. The phrase “why would we not be, if you had to run for your life and try to survive” got me thinking about how much we take the small things for granted. Those little kids have gone through more at such a young age than we have at our age.

  71. seeing the bright lights in the city
    let’s me think of all the good things I have done for this city
    helping out the homeless to fighting crime
    It makes the people happy
    they know there is a hero waiting to do whatever it takes
    to keep the city safe
    its not an easy job
    but i will get it done
    no matter how long it takes.

  72. The Third Poem

    I’m here snuggling my soft
    yellow banana,
    While my master is not here,
    I’m being taken care by nana,
    Though she doesn’t know
    what she’s doing,
    She didn’t give me my food,
    so I bite her foot,
    Stop slouching, give me
    my food, you fool!
    She still doesn’t notice,
    so I made little mews
    to get her my attention,
    Still, I give her a hiss
    but my message missed,
    She finally looks down,
    into my dark green eyes,
    Her legs move, about to get up,
    I get all excited, and
    she only puts her legs on the couch,
    I go back to my banana and cuddle next to it,

    1. The phase “I’m here snuggling my soft yellow banana” got me thinking about why a banana because I didn’t understand when I started reading why you would snuggle with a banana.When I read “While my master is not here” I realized that it was from a perspective of a cat.

  73. busy
    all you see in the city is people going to jobs
    showing no emotions
    all you see is people with lank stares
    not enjoying life

    1. the phrase “showing no emotions” , it get it from the picture,in the picture there’s no emotion , just plain faces all around and the thing that got me thinking was that the camera was focusing at the girl,she was probably feeling nothing but pain.

  74. Picture #2
    A new home
    a new life
    this is an opportunity
    not a threat
    lets take this helping hand and live freely

    1. Until i read “this is an opportunity” i had not considered the meaning of the poem in that way as it shows an entire new meaning to it by explaining that the purpose of this poem was to start a new beginning and embrace it.

    2. I really liked the part when you wrote “This is an opportunity, not a threat” spoke to me because since my family came here seeking a better life, escaping poverty, and the way you describe the picture really helped me understand the picture a bit more.

  75. As we stood there, looking through the tall grass
    As we watched our parents being draged across the dirt
    As we remembered our parents telling us go run and dont look back..I love you

    1. This one picture, the picture that went around the whole world,
      where people may get sad but foget it the next day,
      where people making up storys about this picture rying to make people feel guilty about their lives
      Where maybe the picture was fake
      planned out
      Just to make us feel bad,
      but who knows,
      who knows whats the true story about this picture

  76. Second photo.

    Walking down the street
    I think to myself,
    All these people are around me
    I feel I am free to do anything.

    I can play in the puddles laying around
    I can lay down on the sidewalk
    unafraid that people will step on me.

    I take a look at all these people around me
    and think to myself,
    are they thinking of the same thing?
    Do they wish to do something else?

    Walking down the street,
    I let all my worries go,
    but let reality sink in.

    Walking down the street,
    I am happy.

  77. there are children they
    are each doing different things
    in different places some kids look scared,
    others look like they are having a good
    time because they always have dancing
    time at school

  78. pictures
    there is different ways to look at them
    up close or far away
    everyone sees something different
    sad moments
    or happy moments
    emotions appeal differently
    it all depends on how you look at it.

    1. A clever line is ” pictures, there is different ways to look at them.” because this society could look at a positive and a negative way of seeing a thing I really like that sentence, I also could relate to this poem because everyone has different opinions and different meanings to it.

  79. The 6th poem or the 2nd to last poem

    These children are scared
    Who knows what is going on behind this scene
    Why are they even in this scene in the first place
    They look curious
    They look lost
    Who is there to help them?
    Why is the camera man taking pictures?
    Why is he not helping these children?
    They don´t look safe
    In retrospect they may have been through a civil war
    This is an emblematic picture of the brave
    To fight through this
    They exude such a powerful aroma, that attaches to you.
    Almost as if you feel with them
    They must all feel anguished
    Some of them may not even know where their family is

    1. when you wrote, “They exude such a powerful aroma, that attaches to you.
      Almost as if you feel with them,” I actually felt like I was their, but I started to wonder what is happening in this picture, Why do they look confused and serious?

    2. The phrase “Why is the camera man taking pictures? Why is he not helping these children?” got me thinking about like you right why is he not doing anything to help them because they seem scared and lost.

    3. The phrase “Why is the camera man taking pictures? Why is he not helping these children?” got me thinking because what if the children are afraid of the man holding the camera? What if they think it is some type of weapon?

    4. WOW there buddy:)) this writing is of the wall!!!!! i i love the line when it says
      “They look curious
      They look lost”
      these words are real good fam, i got me thinking because i can relate of me thinking this many times, if the kids are really safe behind the scenes.

    5. when you said ¨why is the camera man taking pictures?¨
      i feel like some kids dont even realize that some one is taking a picture of them

    6. when you wrote ” who’s there to help them” i felt bad because they are alone and no one to be by there sides like we do because now we have more than we had back then and they don’t have anything .

    7. I like the phrase ” Why is the camera man taking pictures” got me thinking because as the world is making videos and pictures about how kids are dying and are miserable around the world, they are not doing anything about besides taking pictures.

      1. i also like how you used “why is the camera man is taking the pic”. i liked it because why is he? if the kids look badly isn’t it wrong for him to take the picture and not help?

  80. We all stood on that grassy hill,
    with dirt on our faces,
    wearing colorful dresses and brown robes.
    Shock drawn on to our faces.
    We all ignore the large stone mountains behind us.
    And focus on what’s forward.
    Only those in the front had a clear view.
    A kid in the back pushes me to see what lays ahead.
    That’s how I end up in the back of the crowd.
    The only thing I can see is the pink scarf the tall
    girl in front of me is wearing.
    I never got a clear view
    of what was to be seen in the field.
    I push my way through the crowd.
    And see what was laying covered in dirt.

    1. I can relate to the part ” i pushed my way through the crowd” because I sometimes push my way through a crowd to see what is up ahead. Its never fun not being able to see the view of something you really want to see.

    2. A clever line is ” and focus on what’s forward” because it makes me think that we should look in the future and not in the past. If we think abut the past it can bring us down. Looking forward and not turning back makes us strong and forget bad things of the past.

    3. I like how you write, “shock drawn to our faces,” because it gives you a feeling of the people’s emotions as they are standing on that hill. I also like how you added “I push my way through the crowd. And see what was laying covered in dirt,” because it added suspense to the poem

    1. I really like how simple your poem was. there was not many words, but there was tons to connect to in the little the lines were. the part where you said “it has no boundaries” really makes you think about the limits you can go and how far you want to take them.

    1. I really love your poem it makes me feel so much joy and the poem is really beautiful . Your words really moved me when you ” You’ll never make it i’m always told But , then they saw me jump from my fish bowl.” It really moved me because i feel like it shows how people try to not other down but they end up making it and get knocked up .

    2. Your words-“You’ll never make it I’m always told”-really moved me because I’ve experienced a lot of people telling me I won’t be able to do something just because I’m a girl and who I am. it’s really great to prove them wrong and show them you can do whatever you put your mind to.

    3. Your words ” It’s time for me to grow up and explore. This ball is getting old” really moved me because your poem is showing that it’s always good to explore new things and sometimes it might fail but you have to keep trying. Keep up the good work.

    4. I can relate to the part, “And explore. This clear ball is getting old.” because I want to explore something new.. Sometimes I get bored on the same thing over and over and So I was thinking I want to do something fun and challenging, and I did. This last week I learned how to skateboard.

    5. When you wrote “You’ll never make it I’m always told” I felt curious because at least once in someones life I bet they’re told that they can’t do it or they tell themselves they couldn’t do it. When you ended your poem with “But then they saw me jump from my fish bowl” it encourages the reader that they can do it.

    6. i like think the meaning of picture with the one fish jumping away so it can be unique I have a similar thing i think about it makes me think about why is every one the same

  81. (3rd picture with cat, the mind of the cat)

    what is this
    is it a banana
    imma touch it
    *takes one step toward it*
    *another step*
    *he lays on the ground and keeps a good eye on it*
    *he leans back and…*
    Oh it’s not a banana it’s fluffy
    I’m just going to stay here and relax
    Why is there a camera in front of me
    He better go away before I scratch
    It’s mine, not yours
    Go away

    (the mind of the guy in the back)

    Awww look at the cute kitty
    Look he found my pillow
    woah look at the big hug he gave it
    “oh the camera guy is here”
    “C’mon kitty look at the camera”
    “Nice little kitty”

    1. I bet that’s what both minds were thinking! The cat is the one “person” who is most likely just saying “it’s mine, not yours” and th huy behinfd the camera just saying “awww”

    2. I noticed you used the technique of the cat in the phrase cute kitty: it’s effective because it is cute.
      the line breaks emphasize pillow: for example, soft.
      a clever line is Imma touch it because why not

      1. I meant to say
        Because the cat was curious about the pillow and wanted to feel it and see how it is.

  82. Aaaahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I got across the room in a second
    Laying here on the cold, hard ground.
    What’s that?
    Running toward me.
    Big, tall, scary
    It’s coming toward me.
    It bit me
    It’s bitting me even more!

  83. As i lay there thinking about things
    I try to take it off my mind by falling asleep
    But i still lay here confused, stuck as i fall asleep.

    1. i can really relate to this part because all the time i go to sleep i would think of all my problems. when you wrote ”But still lay here getting confused stuck falling asleep i felt like i was not the only one whith i mist up life.

  84. Beep, boop, bam
    The city sings its own song
    Rivaling the music of everyone else
    People pump in its veins, the rythem of the beats
    The horns and bells, the grand orchestra
    And the lyrics of a thousand people communicating
    It sings loud and proud

  85. You can hear the wind
    howling softly
    from inside the house
    you get a view of the moon
    lighting the city
    The stars
    counting them all
    The view
    of the big tall building
    No noise outside
    everyone is dozing off in their bed
    You can see the mountains peeking from behind
    it’s very lonely here.

    1. The phrase,”you get a view from the moon shinning”got me think of how when your out where the is no city lights and its just nature you can see how beautiful stars are and when you are in the city you see no shinning stars.

    2. A clever line is “You can hear the wind howling soft from inside the house,” because you are explaining how silent it is without exactly saying its quiet. It makes it more effective because you make the reader picture and try to hear it. The reader can imagine in it in their mind.

    3. I love your use of sensory language and imagery. I also think your theme of loneliness in vast places is relatable.

  86. The carved pumpkin

    I used to be orange and bright
    Now I have a light
    That shines through my smile
    When it’s dark and late at night

    The cut me up
    And chopped me off
    Until I was nothing but mush

    I’m no longer a pumpkin
    I don’t have pump you kin

    1. A clever line is “i’m no longer a pumpkin” Because you are stating that you are no longer a pumpkin and you don’t want anyone to cut you up anymore. Its cleaver because its telling people that you are already carved and that you already have a light.

    2. when you wrote ” I use to be orange and bright now I have a light that shines through my smile” i felt like its like a meaning saying that even though you’re not the same person you can still smile. At least thats what i think of that part

    3. A clever line is “Now I have a light that shines through my smile,” because you are saying that you were basically fine until they put a light inside the pumpkin. Its also clever because people don’t see that as a bad thing and just think it looks nice.

  87. Why is this cat squeezing me and chewing on me?
    And those people in the back are just watching.
    Help me please it’s claws are scratching me.
    There are so many more toys in that box over there.
    Why did they pick me?
    Why am I suffering for this cats entertainment?

    1. The phrase “Why am I suffering for this cats entertainment”got me thinking about if inanimate objects could talk what would they talk about because the pillow that the cat is holding is talking about being mistreated and it seems to think that no one cares about it.and I wonder what other things would say if they could talk in real life

  88. I think that tall dark building
    is saying wow i am the tallest here
    why did they draw me like this
    am i the most important in the drawing
    or am i the least important
    i don’t get it why am i different
    perhaps one day i will understand
    but for know i should accept this
    i shall accept how tall i am
    but i think i figured it out
    i am the most important

  89. the cat and the pillow
    the little kitty runs and runs
    finds a nice pillow but runs some more
    comes back to the pillow the blue color
    calling at her she wants to go to it but
    she continues to run some more but
    she looks over the pillow seems closer more enticing
    then bang like a bullet the cat charged at the
    pillow grabbing it and raping herself around it
    play fighting with the pillow but then the dog game and
    the pillow was his he let out a mighty
    bark and the cat just zoomed of the dog grabbed it
    went to his bed and laid down and took a nap

    1. wow i really liked how you did this poem i noticed how you mentioned the cat and the pillow a lot

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