Poem Eighteen: Supporting Others

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Inspiration: Have you ever noticed that friends can be a big help when you are frustrated or feeling like a failure? Why is that? Well, friends want to take away your pain, but positive words or saying “not every one is good at X” are not always helpful in making your friend happy and healthy. As a friend, you can do better by asking questions and problem solving.

Take another look at this infographic about mindset; you can click on it to make it larger:

This infographic comes from Big Change (big-change.org).

Write a poem to someone who needs support working through a set-back, a challenge, some frustration. The person needs your help to stick with it, find resources, get some help to work through it. You might ask him/her about what the struggle is teaching them, what they should do next, and who can help and how. Here are some ideas:

  • A teammate is frustrated that he is not starting or getting the events he/she wants. What would you say or do to help him/her work through, stay with it?
  • A friend throws his/her controller in frustration with a video game refusing to play it with you anymore. What would you say or do to help him/her work through it and try again — strategies, resources like how-to videos, watching you, etc.?
  • A sibling just started a sport/hobby you already do well (e.g., soccer, violin, cooking, make-up, sketching) and is frustrated by not doing it as well as you. What would you say and do to help them see that it takes time to get better and that it is not about being like you but about developing their own way  (or something like that)?
  • You notice an elementary student reading in the library and then he/she throws the book down in frustration. What do you say/do? What strategies can you share to help him/her work through it.

267 Replies to “Poem Eighteen: Supporting Others”

  1. My sister’s pencil lead silently snaps inside it’s wooden shell.
    “Release your grip, it’s just a math problem.”
    “Is that what you said when you failed the chapter math meet?”
    “Is that what you said when you failed life?”
    I look over at my mom, with her menacing stare.
    “Colin you didn’t fail the meet, you tied for second,
    and Kaelin, you didn’t fail life.”
    I felt a pang of guilt,
    and thought back to the times my sister had helped me.
    All I could remember was us fighting.
    It happens a lot.
    I sighed and helped my sister with the problem.
    “Yes, 3/4 times 4/3 equals 1.”
    If I keep fighting, then this will go on forever.
    I went up to my room to read.
    Halfway through a page, I heard a knock on my door.
    “Colin, can you help me with this problem?”
    “Yeah, me too.”
    “Why don’t you wait until your in JH to do it”
    Oh boy,
    I wasn’t very good at the 14th line.
    Why did my mom think it was a good idea to have THREE girls?

  2. If I feel down,
    I know I can count on someone,
    Who is always there,
    Being my shoulder,
    And telling me that I will be okay,

    They’re your support,
    Help you through the hardships,
    And now they know,
    That you will always be there too

    1. When you said that friends re your support i started thinking about how some people are lucky enough to have friends that do help you through the ups & downs. Because some people don’t have the best of friends, but giving that loyalty to a friend is very important ! I like how you also organized your poem !

  3. To any students,
    You have one chance.
    One shot at the future.
    A Big deal.
    Don’t worry too much though
    Use any concern to better your work.
    Speaking of work,
    Do it all.
    Things are temporary.
    Time passes quick.
    It seems like a big deal.
    But time is on your side.

    1. Your words, “Time passes quickly… But time is on your side” really moved me because that phrase really opened my eyes and kind of told me that time is on your side as long as you know how to use it wisely.

  4. You can work through it,
    You can do it,
    It’s not impossible,
    You just have to believe in yourself,

    “Nothing is,
    The world itself says,
    I’m possible.”
    -Audrey Hepburn

    1. When you wrote that quote at the end, I felt really inspired because it made me think about all the things I thought were impossible but now I know that nothing is impossible because even the word says it itself.

    2. I like how you used the quote “Nothing is impossible, The world itself says, I’m possible,” because it went really well with what you were writing about how we can do anything we just have to work through it.

  5. To Mom,
    Work is hard,
    you stay up till one in the morning,
    working on a never ending portfolio,
    of numbers and graphs.
    You work at home,
    you are never “home.”
    I want to spend time with you, but
    “work comes first.”
    Why did your company have to merge?
    Before, you would watch TV with me,
    and go on walks and,
    spend time with me.
    It’s going to be okay though.
    I know you get angry,
    you take it out on me,
    and dad.
    But don’t break.
    once you break,
    you can
    If you work enough,
    for as long as needed,
    you can retire.
    You can just,
    one day,
    put your computer down,
    drop those fake, back-stabbing work friends,
    and come home,
    and rest.
    Once you do,
    I can take a break from college,
    and come home,
    and watch TV,
    go on a walk,
    and spend time together.

  6. It looks hard until you do it
    riding a bike
    he tries so hard
    yet can’t get past training wheels
    could it be the old bike
    could it be the wobbly training wheels
    or could it be the effort
    because we all know he can do it
    he just needs to keep trying and trying
    until he can finally ride a bike

    1. I noticed how used riding the bike as an example of hard things that are not impossible when you said, “Riding a bike, he tries so hard, yet can’t get past training wheels.”

  7. To My Brother

    To my brother,

    I’ve noticed that you’ve spent a lot of time
    On the tablet lately.
    You know,
    If you stay too long in the virtual world,
    You will miss the real world.
    Go outside.
    Ride a bike.
    Practice oboe
    Or gymnastics.
    You will never see the world
    If you don’t look.

    1. I like refer to the outside as the authentic world in line 12. This letter/poem is extremely relevant these days when the majority of people are trapped in virtual realm and do not seek to understand reality or productivity.

  8. Then flight you are about to go on is not that long,
    I know from other trips I have taken
    Check your worries and anxieties at the gate,
    And carry on your hope and dreams
    Take a nap if you need it,
    You’ll need rest for your destination.

  9. To my brother,
    You are entering a new phase
    All of the work,
    All of the time,
    All of the school,
    Was just practice for what you are about to enter
    There will be days when you are on on cloud nine
    With no worries
    There will be days when if will feel like the stress is consuming you
    And the work load appears insurmountable
    Just know
    It is okay to ask for help
    It is okay to need a break
    It is okay not to feel okay
    Your sister

    1. a lot of what you mentioned could really make a difference in everyone’s life if they listened.

  10. I know depression is a hard time
    In someones life
    Nothing matter anymore

    It looks like no one
    Is there to help you

    But im here
    If u need a shoulder
    To cry on

  11. When my sister is upset I help out
    like she always helped me
    When shes mad I give her time to breathe
    liked she did with me
    When shes happy I don’t bring her down
    like she did with me

    Make sure to help the people who helped you for years

  12. i see my friend down and upset
    i go by him and ask him ¨ what wrong¨
    he won´t answer me so i sit next to him
    and ask again¨ what wrong¨
    and he answer back ¨ i lost friend¨
    i was sad for him and told ” its going to be
    alright you friend will forgive you someday
    he smiled back .

    1. I can relate to when you said “he wont answer to me” because one of my friends doesn’t open up to people easily, so she normally stays quiet.

  13. When you are feeling like you caught some plague and everything is NOT in fact gonna be alright
    you need to look at the bright side of things
    Even if that side is the distance of the sun away
    Use your mental X-wing to fly there

  14. Dear Elementary School Student,

    I saw you throw down a book yesterday and leave.
    I picked up the book after you.
    Stone Fox by John Reynolds Gardiner.
    Such a sad book and also complex.
    I imagine that you either were upset with the end
    or it was too difficult for you to read.
    Don’t worry.
    Words are difficult.
    Keep trying at books.
    Start out with children’s books.
    It may seem silly,
    but it will help.
    It’s ok that reading is hard.
    English is not the easiest language.
    Keep trying.

    And if it was because it was sad,
    I’m sorry.
    Life is sad.
    It can be happy but
    the world just gets worse for you.
    You can live through it though
    and tell your grandchildren your war stories.

    A Person Who Knows the Power of Books

  15. why
    why should i be nice to people
    why should i be Friends
    since i was in third grade i have been alone and i have no
    it is bad so why should i be nice

  16. For Love

    The Free.
    The Wild.
    The Spirit.
    It’s all Inside,
    But something’s taken over.
    Eating every inch.
    Get away.
    The strong wind will blow,
    Fight .
    Joy and presents.
    The Revenge .
    On the enemy.
    Is to.
    Your enemy.

      1. The phrase ” love is all inside” got me thinking about love is mostly all whats inside because you can show love outside but its mostly what you feel in the inside.

  17. Friend are supposed to tell you that everything is going to be okay.
    And sometimes they do
    But sometimes you may need a little more than that
    And they don’t always know that
    So they tell you everything is fine and you will be okay
    And it may be,but you just need that one nice phrase to get you through the day
    But you say thanks
    Like any good friend would do

  18. Keep your mind happy.
    When he seems to be the worst in the world,
    Remember the days when he used to be your world.
    Why are the worst memories always what stand out?
    Dwell on all of the wonderful times that you had together.
    Don’t forget how he used to make you feel.

    1. I can relate to the part where you said “keep your mind happy,When he seems to be the worst in the world” because No matter what happens you should always think of the positive things.

    2. The phrase “When he seems to be the worst in the world Remember the days when he used to be your world” got me thinking that people give up on each other when they have hard times during their relationship because its true that people forget the good stuff about the other person.

    3. When you wrote “When he seems to be the worst in the world,
      Remember the days when he used to be your world.” and “Dwell on all of the wonderful times that you had together.
      Don’t forget how he used to make you feel.” I felt like that touch my heart because it was written for people who been through a situation like this.

  19. Friends provide support
    but I don’t want the common phrases of motivation.
    I don’t want to hear a friend mindlessly say “You can do it.”
    Everyone says that with no meaning or thought to it.
    I want a friend to tell me they’ve been there
    That they’ve felt the same way and experienced it before
    We’ve all been told the same things over and over
    But some people need different support.

    1. Hey Hayden! I can relate to the part ” But I don’t want the common phrases of motivation” because there was a time where I needed a good piece of support/advice and my friend did not say that much that would make me feel better. Nice job! keep up the good work.

    2. I can relate to this poem because throughout my life the only motivation I’ve ever gotten was a weak, measly, pathetic “you can do it” and I always thought to myself, “that’s not enough”.

    3. I liked the way said saying “you can do it” has no thought or effort into supporting your friends instead you say” i feel the same way and I experienced it before.”

  20. You can lean on me when your not strong
    When you need a shoulder to cry on,
    So shed a tear if you want
    because I will be there for you until dawn
    And once your ready to share
    I will listen, I swear.
    So be strong and don’t lose fate
    because later we’re going to eat this cake.

    1. The phrase “And once your ready to share, I will listen, I swear.” got me thinking about my best friend. She always listens to what I have to say and she understands most things that others don’t.

  21. E
    Oh, not C.
    I wince at the sound of the wrong note.
    Try again.
    I got this, his determined eyes tell me.
    Another mistake.
    Come on, it’s not that hard.
    I play it for him.
    He pushes down the white key.
    Another one.
    Yes, I think.
    I flip the page, next song.
    You try first.
    That’s wrong.
    I play for him again.
    Just watch as I do.
    He looks at my fingers dance
    across the white and black floor.
    I look at his.
    They sort of play the song.
    I smile at him
    I know that
    if I discourage him,
    he won’t want to play anymore.

    1. I really like how you didn’t tell us exactly what it was that was being played, but used colors and lines such as, “he looks at my fingers dance across the white and black floor”, to help us infer that the piano was being played.

    2. This is so heartbreaking because I play the piano and the ukulele and my sister has tried to pick up both of those but I have been playing them for a while. I try to help her but often, she doesn’t want my help. This is the story of my family and music, thank you for putting it in to words.

    3. Woah. Good poem. I like the choppy flow. It works well with your idea. The story telling is also very good. Nothing is harder than learning a how to play an instrument.

  22. I sit down
    Eyes closed
    Tears sliding down my face
    And onto the wet grass
    No one notices
    They just think it’s the rain
    They think I’m happy
    That my life is perfect
    No one asks why I am sitting in the grass
    And soaked from my tears
    Not the rain
    Cold from the frozen hearts of people
    And not the rain
    So tuck my knees close to me
    And close my eyes
    Feeling the rain touch my back
    Until someone holds and umbrella over my head
    And realizes that I’m alone
    And fills the shell inside of me.

    1. Boi. This poem is sad and realistic. The end gave me the feels for someone to come and fill your lonely heart. And the first alone is truly alone like you were but then when another person came, it is not alone, it is on a line with other words. Amazing poem.


    2. Extremely emotional. I love the constant mention of water and how it’s differing forms correspond with the differing view points. The mention of the shell makes me think of how fragile we are. Superb.

  23. Stand up tall
    Don’t let people see you weak
    I don’t know why you bawl
    But next time you are cheeked
    Act big and proud of yourself
    then no one can tell the difference
    between the small elf
    and their great brilliance

    1. I can relate to the part ¨don let people see you weak¨ because i am weak but i am getting stronger everyday.

    2. Emma, the line, “Act big and proud of yourself, then no one can tell the difference” resonated with me because if you are down, stand tall, and don’t show your weakness.

  24. Whenever you feel like you cant do something,
    just remember that with enough work and effort
    you can do anything,
    It may take some time and practice but you will get what you wanted.

    1. I can relate to the part you said “with enough work and effort you can do anything because in sports you have to work through all your problems

  25. no one can do everything
    so it is okay if you fail at this or that
    you’ll just have to keep trying new things
    until you find the right thing for you.

    1. i noticed you used the technique of explaining ” just keep trying new things until and you will find the right thing for you” that they will have to try again its effective because this message helps them to never give up.

    2. I can relate because I’ve seen people try to do everything, including things they can’t and then they tried something else and they were good at it

  26. When a friend throws a controller
    I tell them
    relax it’s making you tense
    just think differently
    and try a new strategy
    there’s always a way
    you can search it up,
    watch a video,
    find a new tactic,
    and much more.
    Just relax,
    and don’t throw the controller again.

    1. I can relate to telling people to chill out because on my hockey team there was one person who took things too seriously and I always told him to chill out

  27. (I’m out of cringe splash text. Cringe warning.)

    Real friends
    Impossible to find
    They pretend
    To be your friend
    And laugh in your face
    When you lose

  28. sadness and despair,
    floating in the air
    trying to climb this mountain, that was never even there.
    Am I at the top?
    Or going in circles at the bottom,
    Ill never know if i don’t keep trying.

    1. This poem really makes you think. About the “mountain, that was never even there”, I think that symbolizes the problems we face in our lives. These problems are sometimes all in our head, never even there. If you just stop to think about all the good in your life, and be grateful for your family, your possessions, your life, you realize that everything’s pretty good.

  29. My best friend…
    The only one who understands me…
    The one who has stuck by my side when no one else has…
    You can get through this
    I know it’s hard now…
    I know it’s difficult…
    But you’ll get through this
    You’re strong
    You’re tough
    You can get through anything
    You’ve helped me through all my hard times…
    Now it’s my turn to help you

    1. I can relate to the part that your best friend understood you and also always by your side because that how me and my best friends are and they connect with me on my level and I think your friends do too.

    2. Hi, Jeannie! I can really relate to my best friend seeming like the only one who understands me. Your poem is really encouraging, and your friend is really lucky to have you.

  30. Remember to never give up,
    to keep on trying,
    even if you feel worthless,
    or you feel hopeless,
    if you keep trying,
    you will get better.

    1. I can relate to the part “Remember to never give up” because i like saying that to my teammates.

  31. “Don’t stop believing”-Journey
    Sometimes it’s hard to have hope,
    that things will get better,
    that things will change,
    when your face just gets wetter,
    from tears of desperation,
    but all you have to do,
    is don’t give up,
    because if you do,
    your problems will still be there tomorrow,
    might as well change,
    and with your hope,
    things will get better.

    1. I like the part, “Don’t stop believin'”-journey because it could relate to my life. I want to keep believing and I will and always.

  32. “Failure”
    Being in a deep hole
    Trying to get out
    “You’re nothing”
    Tiny bright light shining
    Voices saying
    “Get up”
    “Head up”
    “Forget about that”
    See the positive side
    “You’ll be okay”

    1. I can relate to the part “Failure, worthless” Because for my entire life I have been called stuff like that.

    2. I like how you make the mood shift. In the beginning it is all negative stuff and as it heads toward the end it gets positive. Then I really like how you just said,” Ha.” It makes it look like you can control anything.

    3. I like the part you used where you used words like negativity and failure and adding “being in a deep hole” to help define how you want readers too feel about the beginning of the poem

  33. “Don’t give up,” my mom always told me.
    No matter what it is.
    Don’t get down on yourself,
    no one is perfect.
    Whatever it is,
    it may not be easy,
    but just know,
    you can do it.

    1. I can relate to the part ““Don’t give up,” my mom always told me.” because my mom also tells me l that to me when I feel like I cant do things or when I’m unmotivated.

  34. I know it’s hard
    It’s been hard for me
    It’ll take work but I know you can do it
    You need the motivation
    and comfort to get you to where you need to be
    I will try my best to let you see the light in the pitch black
    but you have to help yourself
    I can’t be your parent
    You have some
    I have some
    I will be there for help
    I don’t want you to fail
    But you need to want that too

    1. I like how you styled your poem. You aimed it towards your audience so they could feel motivated (I did). “I know you can do it”. I feel like this is a coach of some sorts after a loss cause of the “I don’t want you to fail, But you need to want that too” part.

  35. You can be anything you want
    Don’t let anybody stop you
    Don’t let anybody say you can’t
    never stop dreaming
    always believe in yourself

    1. I can relate to the part where you said “Don’t let anybody say you cant” because my dad used to tell me that when i was little playing sports because coaches always say you cant even when they should say you can.

  36. dont ever bring yourself down
    you just need to practice everyday with what your are trying to improve with
    and your gonna make it far sometimes you just need the right people in your life to push you to do your best . and accomplish your goal

  37. You can do it
    You may not be as good as someone else
    but trying is what matters
    trying your best and having fun is the most important thing
    not who is better than you or anyone else

    1. I really enjoyed reading your poem, I saw many ways I could relate to you. One of the huge parts I saw that had an affect on me was when you said,” You may not be as good as someone else, but trying is what matters.” I experience that in my daily life because kids will show off and leave other kids not wanting to try it because they are scared of being a fool.

  38. I see my friend
    They’re head low to the ground and their hoodie covering their whole head
    What should I do? I can’t let someone feel so lonely and sad
    I’m not really good at this
    “What happened?”
    No reply
    They sink their head deeper and bury their head in their arms as they sit down at a desk
    I nudge them as lightly as possible
    “What happened?”
    They look up and their eyes are clouded with sadness
    I sit by them “how was your day?”
    “It was really tiring. I always have to get up and do the same thing. People always seem to make fun of me.”
    “They don’t see your talents, people always want to look at someone’s flaws and never get to admire the great things about someone. Don’t let it bring you down.”
    I wish I could say something more to help my friend
    Because people don’t see all the wonderful things about them

    1. I can relate to the part “I wish I could say something more to help my friend” because sometimes I see a friend that is sad or something is wrong and I wish I could do something more than just tell them that it’s okay, you know what they say: actions speak louder than words.

    2. I felt an emotional impact when you said,”They don’t see your talents, people always want to look at someone’s flaws and never get to admire the great things about someone. Don’t let it bring you down.” The reason why I had felt such a powerful impact was that most people judge other peoples flaws and laughing about them. People don’t see other peoples talents because their talent is a power. They judge others to quickly.

  39. Nobody is perfect
    Everyone has things they are not good at
    If you can’t do something
    Keep trying
    If you do
    Then you’ll get better at it
    If you need help
    Don’t do it on your own
    Ask for help
    Everyone needs someone to help them
    No matter what

    1. I can relate to the part when you said, “Don’t do it on your own, ask for help” because sometimes I feel like I can’t tell anyone about something, so this is telling me I should ask for help when I need it.

  40. Hey don’t worry
    Nobody is good at soccer some people are because they have some skills
    But don’t worry we will practice so you could get better

  41. Sadness it lurks,
    depression it dwells,
    uplifting comments,
    a distraction,
    at last,
    sorrow locked away,
    just maybe,
    is it in arms reach yet?
    others words of encouragement,
    is negativity fading?
    joyful laughter,
    is happiness finally just around the corner?

    1. Love the call and response in this poem — the conversation of struggle and searching for hope. Your words have such movement to show that growth is dynamic- lurks, dwells, lifts.

    2. wow melody this poem is really touching i think you used such great detail and it all around just great

    1. I can relate to the part “we fail to become successful” because there are many times that i have had to fail at something to be able to find something else that is better for me.

  42. There is a do or do not there is no try
    push yourself
    don’t stop
    do it
    finish what you started
    get up and do something
    do the right thing
    don’t try

  43. don’t feel like I’m doing enough
    don’t feel like im doing
    don’t feel like i’m
    don’t feel like
    don’t feel
    don’t feel
    don’t feel like
    don’t feel like I’m
    don’t feel like I’m failing
    don’t feel like I’m failing anymore

    1. I really like the style of your poem. It is written in a unique way. I also like how you used 2 topics but that kind of relate to each other, from not doing enough to not failing anymore.

    2. Love the line breaks — like a concrete poem showing the shape of growth. True growth swells and subsides as we integrate new knowledge and experiences.

    3. Power Rogers I really like the style and the layout of the entire poem it very unique and I have never seen that, I also like the part when you start to grow for example when you said “don’t fell like I am falling anymore,”back because It grows back into a better form.

    4. I like the style of poem you wrote, and how in every line, you would take away a word, and then add more.

    5. I would’ve expected it to go back to “don’t feel like I’m doing enough”, but you made it change the mood like a really smooth transition in a movie. I think the poem has the visually appealing feel too, as my eye caught this poem out of the others.

  44. You are beautiful
    People will try to tell you your not
    In every way they can
    They will try to shut you down
    Tear you apart
    Till you have nothing left for them to pick at
    But you can’t let them stop you
    You have to keep going
    You have to keep trying
    To do whats best for you
    To do what makes you happy
    And never
    Let anyone
    Take that away from you

    1. Your words “you are beautiful” really moved me because I feel like people focus more on their insecurities than what makes them unique. You have such a great message to spread!

    2. Your words-“and never let anyone take that away from you” and “You have to keep going you have to keep trying” are very empowering and made myself, and probably anyone else who reads this, feel very empowered. I also think that this poem has a very powerful message.

    3. I really liked the sentence “They will try to shut you down
      Tear you apart” because most people start to get insecure because of the comments they get on there looks. i don’t think its right to judge someones clothes or someone in general on the decisions they make. This is a very powerful message and i really like how to organized everything to make you smile towards the end. Going back to the “tear you apart” i do agree to that, most people will judge and go into conclusions without really taking the time to know you, i really like this poem because i can relate to it, i do get judged on and i have gotten the words that i hear people say to other people.

  45. Live On

    If someone stops you
    become unstoppable.
    If someone breaks you
    become unbreakable.
    If someone decieves you
    become undecieveable.
    Because you keep living
    your own life.

    1. When you wrote “If someone breaks you become unbreakable” I felt touched because it is really good advice to someone who is going through a hard time. Also it reminded me of a phrase I heard “No one can make you inferior with out your consent!

    2. This poem is very powerful, I felt connected to this like a string was pulling me to every word. When you wrote “If someone stops you be unstoppable”. It is giving the message to not take anything from anyone that is not worth your time.

  46. You can do it ..that’s what my mom tells me
    And somehow when I hear those words ..
    The impossible becomes possible
    Those words ..somehow make me feel as though I can conquer anything.

    1. i like how you say “the impossible becomes possible” because it a really strong quote and an push others to do amazing things.

  47. “Do what you love”- I cant
    “follow your dreams”-no one supports me
    “dream big”- for what?!
    “you can do this”- no I can’t
    All these thing kids/teenagers hear
    all the time by
    celebrities on TV
    but sometimes we feel its impossible to do
    because we are in a world filled with bad
    and discouragement
    But we have to remember what Mahatma Gandhi said
    “You must be the change you want to see in the world ”
    and that change could be us if we
    “dream big” -like they all said

    1. i like how whenever you say something inspiring you have a negative quote. It wants to make me actually do it

    2. I admire the way you do not sugarcoat the harsh realities of life. It is especially important to embody your theme of perseverance to make the world a better place.

  48. Every time:
    Every time your upset
    we are there to help
    if it is a bad grade
    or a spade
    that is poking you in the wrong way
    we will help you stay
    and play
    this game
    called 7th

    1. I think you used good word choice when you said, “This game called 7th Grade.” 7th grade is like a game because there are many different factors going into it like the classes and friends and you have to think it through.

  49. Don’t beat yourself up
    You may not be great at something now
    But later you will improve
    You got to stay happy about what you have
    Nobody is perfect
    In the end we all have flaws
    Everyone will come to terms that nobody is perfect
    You can change for the better though
    Just go for it
    Reach for the stars
    Or even higher

    1. John I love that you point out that no one is perfect. Being perfect is not the goal here, rather reaching for the stars or higher becomes the goal. Nice job!

  50. while we help others we don’t help our self’s
    while we support others we don’t support our self’s
    while we think of others we don’t think for our self
    when those others hurt us we still help them
    but we cant because we always think the others are better then us

  51. You’re not a failure you’re a person
    that want’s something and if you
    really want something then work for it

    1. I like how you said ¨You´re not a failure, you´re a person¨ I think that is very motivational and true.

  52. Keep on trying don’t give up
    It will all be worth it soon enough
    Like they say
    practice makes perfect
    Don’t let anyone bring you down
    If you believe you can do it
    Then that’s all that matters
    But you’re not a failure
    Just a work in progress

  53. i help
    nobody notices but me
    i try…always there for you
    you take the help but still have trouble
    are you listening..to the words im saying
    you pretend to listen…
    maybe you’ll listen.
    im here
    somewhere you could listen because im here for you.

    1. To me, this feels like a soft, quiet poem because of the lack of lowercase letters. This poem is both soft and strong. Thank you for sharing.

  54. I am here to help you.
    Jawbreaker is crushed into a powder,
    cotton candy is melted by my anger.
    But I am still here to help you,
    I want to help you.
    Can you help me?
    My friend..

  55. I was angry with my friend:
    I told my wrath, my wrath did end.
    I was angry with my foe:
    I told it not, my wrath did grow.
    And I watered it in fears,
    Night and morning with my tears;
    And I sunned it with smiles,
    And with soft deceitful wiles.
    And it grew both day and night,
    Till it bore an apple bright.
    And my foe beheld it shine.
    And he knew that it was mine

  56. You may fail
    but that doesn’t mean you have to give up
    Keep trying…
    Even if people try to bring you down
    You got this
    No, it won’t be easy
    but you can do it.
    some people might say you aren’t the best
    but in my eyes, you will be

  57. you can do it
    you’ll get better
    don’t give up
    try hard to get your results
    keep trying even if its hard
    you can do it
    you can get better
    you got this

  58. who cares what people say how you looked the only things that matter is what inside of you and if people are talking bad stuff about you is that they are hurt and jealous

  59. No one is perfect,
    as long as you try,
    you’ll have nothing to fear,
    because trying and failing,
    is better than not trying at all.

  60. As I watch her with frustration,
    I think of all the times Ive made her happy
    I think about how we were the ones to make her life happy,
    I think of how much I love her with out no doubt.
    I just think about her every day and appreciate her every day I have her.

  61. Be inspired,
    Be inspired to be you,
    Be inspired to change the world,
    Be inspired to help others,
    Be inspired to get back up when you get knocked down,
    Don’t be scared to be yourself,
    Embrace yourself for who you are
    You have lots of years ahead of you
    Be inspired to be you

  62. As I see anger erupt from a fellow friend
    I great him genitally
    making sure I do not disturb him
    I tell him “your luck will come around”
    It always does

  63. I don’t need many
    I don’t want many
    all I need is one
    who understands
    who listens
    who cares
    and can relate
    so I have something in common with them
    we can talk together
    learn together
    even draw together
    and do pretty much anything we put our minds to
    because we have each other
    and when we are together we can take on anything.

    1. I can relate to when you wrote “who cares and can relate so I have something in common with them” because in the end, even if there aren’t a lot of people who you can relate to or share the same interests it’s still just nice to have at least one person who you know cares, and understands.

  64. no such thing as “friends”
    all fake until the end
    you were born alone
    your going to go through life alone
    you end alone

  65. You’re not a failure
    People fail all the time
    But it doesn’t mean that they are the failures

    Don’t give up.
    Don’t lose faith.
    You’ll get better over time
    Because really,
    It’s the effort that counts

    You might think that it’s impossible,
    To master making omlettes,
    Or dicing onions at flash speed

    But hey!
    Look at you!
    You’re doing it!
    It may not be perfect,
    But then again,
    Nothing is perfect

    After all the grit you put into your work,
    You’ve mastered
    Chopping with a knife,
    Frying a chicken,
    And preparing a meal.

    So remember
    How hard you work to get here
    And that the biggest people
    Bear the biggest scars.

    1. You brought me back to when I first learned to make omelettes with your vivid description. I love all the encouragement! Omelettes are a metaphor for life!

    2. This was like advise or an inspiring piece of work that made me feel like my family telling me advise I really liked your poem

  66. Little balerinas
    Daintily they fly
    Twisting twirling spinning
    In the midnight sky
    They dance until they hit the ground
    Safe with their companions
    Sleeping safe and sound
    Down goes the moon
    Up comes the sun
    The little children wake
    Out the door they run
    Outside they go to play
    And spend their day
    Making frozen men
    A tall top hat, two button eyes
    A mouth made out of coal
    But one more thing the children need
    They very well all know
    For who can build a snowman
    Without a carrot nose

  67. All right buddy
    I’m gonna let you try again.

    You might like that book you might not
    That doesn’t mean you throw it down
    In so much frustration.

    You could be going through
    Some hard times
    With money
    And or family

    Put the past behind
    And look in front
    For the only thing left
    Is the future.

    1. wow i like how who ever said this to you said that to me too and gave me this advice too its really powerfull

  68. When I get down
    You pull me back up

    When I sink into bad thoughts
    You offer a life raft

    When I’m feeling under the weather
    You are the umbrella

    You are the flame to my candle,
    The money to my wallet,
    And the best friend I could ever have

  69. She’s a person full of comfort.
    A shoulder to cry on,
    A hand to pat my back,
    A smile to lift me,
    A foot to lead me,
    An ear to hear me,
    And a heart to care.

    1. your words “an ear to hear me and a heart to care” really moved me because I think we all need a person like that but we don’t always have that,and also we should all be that person for others.

    2. When you wrote, “She’s a person full of comfort” I felt like it could be someone like a best friend or your mom because those kinds of people in your life are the one’s who do what you explained.

  70. He throws the book down
    I try to help
    It doesn’t work
    He picks it up
    Tries again
    He’s getting it
    Last try
    One sentence
    One page
    One chapter
    I leave
    He reads the rest of the night

  71. “Stop being sad!”
    “Cheer up!”
    How do you expect them to stop feeling?
    How COULD you expect them to stop feeling?
    Fill them.
    Fill them with warmth.
    A warm hug,
    warm words.
    All they need

    1. I can relate to when you said “stop being sad, cheer up” because I have had experiences like that with some of my friends and I know how you feel.

    2. That’s right! Don’t tell me to stop feeling. Let me feel. Let me swim in the disappointment and then let me learn from it; help me do and be better with a strategy, a helping hand, an observation of what went wrong.

  72. Friends are there to help
    Friends are there to share
    When they yelp
    You are always there
    You are there to help them up
    You are there to be their friend

    1. When you wrote “you are always there, you are always there to help them up,” I realized how people are there to support each other and so do I. All of us are here to help each other when its needed.

  73. The group therapist.
    She’s always there.
    She loves and cares about all of us
    When we fight,
    she calms us down.
    Though she’s not perfect,
    she makes us more perfect people.
    Whenever something bad happens,
    I only have to call one name:

  74. Why would I help him
    So that he can grow
    Why would I help him
    So he can expand his army
    Become an excptional painter
    Why wouldn’t I help him
    Because he is my brother

  75. No one is perfect,
    Do the things that you love,
    don’t neglect,
    Try the things you do
    want to do,
    Don’t stop and think
    to object,
    There are no privileges
    that need to be checked,
    Sure, you may not the best at it,
    but it’s something that you love,
    Don’t you dare to reject
    that thing you love

    1. A clever line is “Sure, your not the best at it, but its something you love ” because of how much it courage it provides to the reciever of this poem.

    2. Brenda, love the line,
      “There are no privileges
      that need to be checked,”

      It makes me think about how there might not be anything that we need to prove to someone else. Perhaps just ourselves!

  76. You look at me with frustration in your eyes
    You aren’t the person I knew before
    You were happy and so innocent
    You asked me for help
    I didn’t know what I could do to help
    I just waited it out
    That was a bad idea
    Cause now you are gone
    And I’m missing every second of it
    You were my best friend
    More like sister and then you were gone
    I miss you
    A LOT
    But I can’t fix it now
    I should’ve helped when you asked

  77. Hey its ok you came in last
    At least you were very fast
    You ran you fought
    You did everything you were taught
    Don’t be down
    And hide that frown
    You should put on a crown
    Because you did Amazing
    You should be on the ninth cloud
    so be proud

    1. I really like your poem because it rhymes but also because you letting the person know that they still did a good job no matter what place they were in, it makes you feel like you’re not a failure.

  78. You can do it
    Keep practicing you’ll get better
    Don’t give up
    You still have lots of time
    Do you have to give up now
    I know you’ve tried everything
    But someday instead of you looking up to someone
    Someone will look up to you.
    Never say you can’t do something
    You will only know if you try
    Always discover new things about yourself

  79. Supporting others can be hard
    You may have to deal with someone stubborn
    They know you want to help
    But won’t budge how they feel
    Everyone can be like this
    I noticed myself doing this
    Not wanting to cheer up
    Just want to be sad
    You need to know when someone is helping you
    So you can take in perspective how they are trying to help you

    1. Katie, I can relate to your words. Sometimes I want to help my students so bad but they struggle to accept my guidance. Your final lines makes me hopeful for my students.

  80. Where are you at?
    Lets start at the first box of hopscotch
    Whats making you stop?
    WHat are you worried about?
    Stand up, keep going
    cut the rope thats pulling you away to success
    maybe we fall so we learn how to get back up again
    we can do this together
    take a deep breath and take the first step

    1. I really like how you said that ”what ‘s making you stop?” because I feel that it’s true since nothing can really stop you, only you can stop yourself.

  81. i can do it,
    she’s is not much of a woman do actually do it,
    She won’t
    i will,
    I throw the first punch she already out,..
    i see the bleeding on her face , she’s done…
    in shock and a scared voice everyone says” she did it”
    With one eye open she says” i taught we were friends”
    nah you was just a game , i reply….

    1. I like how you interpert yourself in your poem because I know you in person and I know you are much like that. I like the line were you say “nah you was just a game” , girl I love the confidence you have in these poems.

  82. I shed a tear today
    silently, I felt it fall
    you caught it
    shared it
    held it
    felt it
    it wasn’t so big
    after all.

    1. When you wrote, “suddenly it wasn’t so big after all,” I felt a sense of joy that if you let others help you and share your sorrow, then you can conquer that feeling.

    2. I love the line where you said “you caught it, shared it, held it, felt it” because I think that when a friend is in need it is important to put yourself in their shoes and relate to them.

  83. Family should help each other whenever we can even if it is as simple as helping with homework
    no matter what
    family will always be family

  84. It takes time
    I had so many set backs
    So many people telling me I can’t do it
    It took me 5 years of people pushing me down
    and giving up on me to get where I am today
    It’s funny how people will try to break you down just because your not good enough
    It will take time because practice makes perfect

  85. I know you wanted to start in the game
    I know your good and it’s a shame
    but just keep on trying again and again
    then you’ll definitely get the spot you deserve
    Coach will realize what a mistake he’s made
    and realize that you are the missing piece

  86. going to state for high jump is scary
    preforming at your best for hundreds of people
    hoping you won’t mess up
    all it takes is a clear mind and going at it
    the run up needs to be perfect
    the jump needs to be perfect
    the take off happens…….
    and he clears 5’10
    he wins it
    he is the state champion
    all it took is some motivation from your teammates
    they are there to help you out and cheer you on.
    everyone knew you could do it
    motivation from teammates is the key to preforming your best and setting a new PR.

  87. You can do it!
    I cant do it i’m not as good as you..
    look trying is what matters
    but i wanna win i want to be good like you
    i wasn’t born knowing how to win every time
    now start running.

  88. My friend throws he controller on the ground
    this game is to hard he says
    Mate it’s a game it’s not supposed to be easy i respond
    i’m done playing he says
    I don’t care, you were a bad teammate
    fine i’ll try and show you I can do better

    reverse psychology ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  89. You the friend
    You are their for me
    You help me
    You support me
    You give em advice
    You are the person to lift me up
    You the friend
    Are always their for me

    1. i can relate to you saying” you are their for me” it reminds me of an old friend that i had but that was in the past

  90. Have you judged before
    dont lie
    i did too
    i know its wrong
    why do we do this
    i have no clues
    theres a solution
    help the ones in need
    help the ones who cant
    make the difference
    be the difference

  91. Don’t give up
    You can do this
    You got this it’s in the bag
    Never give up

    Keep trying
    One more time
    Take your time
    Take a deep breath and start over
    Last time you got this!

  92. You set the bar too high
    You waste all your time on homework
    Your idea of “free time” is spent studying for
    A test 3 months from now.

    You’re always locked up in your room
    Closing the blinds
    Locking the door
    Scowling at the world
    What did the world ever do to you?

    You weren’t always like this
    But your views on what is important has changed


    I know you’re tired
    And I know you’re scared
    But i’m still here
    And i’ll never leave your side.

    1. I can relate to the part “I know you’re tired.And I know you’re scared. But i’m still here. And i’ll never leave your side.” because I am still with them, and will always will be.

    2. When you wrote “I know you’re tired and I know you’re scared but i’m still here and i’ll never leave your side” I felt that’s how everyone should treat the ones they love because if you don’t they may never want to support you or they won’t want your support

    3. I can relate to the part about not giving up because its a good thing
      when you wrote, I’ll never eave your side, I felt wow because its good.
      your words “I know you’re tired And I know you’re scared But i’m still here” really moved me because I was impressed.

  93. You can do it
    I know you’re strong
    You’ll get through it
    Maybe you need a song

    When times are hard
    Don’t give up
    You’ll get through it
    It won’t last for long

    1. When you wrote, ” you’ll get through it” it made me fee good about myself because there are always people supporting others and helping out.

    2. I can relate to the part ” you can do it “because in cross country thats what we tell all the members of our team and other teams when they are racing , When you wrote, ” Maybe you need song” I felt like a kid again because i would always turn to song when i’m down , now i just turn a physiologist

    3. I really enjoy the three lines of rhyme scheme throughout your poem. It made me reread it, and I noticed that your three lines of rhyme could stand alone, and I thought this piece was very powerful. Nice job!

  94. soccer
    i’m bad at it and i know
    but when i was 10
    i was a goalie
    so i can still play good right?
    but at least my friends told me that
    i looked like i was trying

  95. you broke the bridge
    i don’t care but now you can’t get a grade
    and you already have bad grades
    you broke the bridge for no reason
    but we can fix it

  96. So what if your slow
    That doesn’t mean that you should give up
    Everybody started somewhere
    and this is your starting point
    all you need to think about is that you can do it
    It doesn’t matter if you think your slow
    or that you think your not good enough
    just do it and push through
    You won’t regret it at the end
    Yes, it will hurt
    And yes, it’ll be worth it

    1. The phrase “Yes,it will hurt and yes, it’ll be worth it” got me thinking about what someone told me once because they told me “No one said it will be easy but I promise it will be worth it” when I was going through a hard situation.

    2. I agree with your poem because everyone does start from somewhere and then at the end they might end up successful because of their never giving up creed.

    3. i could relate to your poem because everybody will start out slow but that’s life..you can take it easy so you could be success
      (p.s ; it’s ”you’re ” not “your” 😉

  97. you broke the bridge why well its ok but why
    would you break the thing we have been
    working on so hard and make it so we have
    to repair it at lunch but its ok the team is understanding
    we will fix it it will all be fine lets not worry lets
    just put this past us and fix our bridge

  98. The wind howls:

    Pull down the shades
    Shut the drapes
    Wrap the blanket
    Around your shoulders
    And rest.
    Rest those eyes that’ve read thousands of words
    Rest the mouth that’s both wounded and loved so many hearts
    Rest the mind that’s created
    Stories and excuses.
    Until I kiss your eyelids to join the world once again.

    Are you rested?
    Raise the shades
    Open the drapes
    Thank the blanket
    for keeping you warm
    And love.
    Love those rested eyes that can bear witness to lives lived
    Love the rested mouth that can heal others with words
    Love the rested mind that can create prose and verse.
    Until I kiss your eyelids to rest again.

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